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Fancy loudpeaker grille cloth ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Not nessarily metal tracery type (Selmer was always my favourite).
    Do avoid appearing too much of a numbskull when I go into a habberdashers to
    ask about availability of such cloth - is there a generic or trade name for
    that sort of open weave decorative cloth ?
  2. Ron(UK)

    Ron(UK) Guest

    I used to use a material called Rug Canvas which is a tough cross weave
    of stiffened thin string, the 'holes' are about a quarter inch square,
    It takes spray paint very well, and it`s very strong - if correctly
    tensioned, you can stand on it.
    There are dozens of firms selling repro grill cloth for Selmer/Vox/Wem etc.

  3. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Was the paint for decorative effect or for stiffening ?
    I may also try the local street with half a dozen Indian sari material shops
    as a lot of that is tinselised, maybe they have some use for a coarser, open
    weave, tinselised material.
  4. Ron(UK)

    Ron(UK) Guest

    Just to colour it, it starts of white and is quite stiff already.

    RadioSpares used to do a kind of woven plastic filiament material for
    speaker grills with white black and gold threads. It was called tygan or
    something similar.

    If you want something that is decorative yet doesn't have to be too
    strong, take a look at patterned ladies nylon headscarves. back in 'The
    Good Old days©' we used to cover our control line combat model aircraft
    with those as it was cheaper than nylon from the model shop.
  5. Guest (also has links to some European sources)

  6. JR North

    JR North Guest

  7. **I find that two way stretch jersey works very well. It is available in a
    simply astonishing array of colours and patterns. I purchased some rather
    attractive 'electric blue' for a client some time ago. It transformed his
    speakers into something rather artistic.

    Bonus: There are often some rather attractive women shopping at the

    Trevor Wilson
  8. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Sari shops were no help but found a good material shop, Fabric Land, don't
    know if its part of a chain.
    No knowledge of Tygan or Tigan but some useful names are
    "Aida", white to cream , so need dying or painting, open weave hessian sort
    of material.
    Some coarse muslins similar but come in darker colours.
    Most likely is something called "Black Tea Bag" , but rather stretchy so
    would need to be sparayed with starch or dilute PVA
    My favourite was "Gothic Net", open weave black overlaid with tinselly
    copper spider's webs but again would have to be stiffened.
    All about 2.50 to 3.00 GBP per m run of 1.5m width or whatever such bolts
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