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Fan Controller for PC With Arduino

Discussion in 'Microcontrollers, Programming and IoT' started by Gaupa95, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. Gaupa95


    Jul 1, 2013
    Hi I'm new on this Forum. And I'm fairly new to electronics.
    I have never created something that involves much more that a 4017 and a one-shot. So I expect this to be a challenge.

    I decided I wanted to create a fan controller for my pc. For several reasons. Mostly because I use a lot of loud fans and I wanted to create something myself instead of buying it.

    The circuit are going to control 4 groups of fans. Each group with different amount of fans depending on where in my case the fans are going to be. (Different load)
    I'm going to use an Arduino to control the circuit.

    Feature list. I want this controller to have:
    - 4 Digit BCD Rpm displays (For 4 groups of fans)
    - Switch based voltage control for the fans.
    - Temp feedback (Either from PC or own Thermistor)
    - A switch that makes all the fans run on 100% ("Turbo Switch")
    - Speed adjustment buttons (for each group of fans)
    - Temperature Display (2 Digit with a digit showing "C")

    -Rpm Displays.
    I want to have Rpm Displays for each of the fan groups. Each of the groups having 4 7-Segment digits.
    Are going to use identical fans in each group.
    Each group is going to have digits in different colors.
    I'm going to provide the Arduino with all the fans tach signal.
    There is going to be an alarm if any of the fans stops. (The digit group blinking slowly)
    I came up with a better sulution to controlling the digits. By using 4511 BCD drivers. and using a bus system. I control the Driver I want to change the data on with their built in latch.
    First I put EL(NOT) low. then set the number data on the 4 bit bus. I then return the 4511's EL(NOT) to high. so the latch remembers the BCD data. Then Next Driver can be updated.

    -Switch Voltage Control.
    By using switch based regulation to control the fan voltage I will be to regulate the fans more efficiently and make all kind of fans compatible.
    One individual circuit for each group of fans so I can control each group individual.

    -Speed adjustment buttons.
    I'm want to have two buttons above the each rpm display.
    All the buttons are going to led-lit in either red or green color. (Representing faster/slower.) Also I will need one-shots for those 8 buttons.

    -"Turbo Switch"
    This is a simple front switch that is going to run all the fan groups on 12V.

    -Temp Feedback
    Since this Arduino is going to be connected though the PC's internal USB connector, I wonder if it's possible to to make windows provide the measured CPU Temp to the Arduino to display on the front temp display.
    If not, I want to place a Thermistor against the hot side of my radiator (I have a Liquid cooled processor) and somehow make it feed data to the Arduino... Not sure how.

    -Temp Display
    On the front of my case I want to have a two digit (+ "C" ) display. I'm going to connect it to one of the front 5.25"plastic covers of my case. These given data from a MAX7313 chip.

    All of this will be powered by the PC's internal power supply. Providing 12V and 5V. I want a fuse on the input.

    When it comes to the programming of the Arduino I have no experience.
    I have programmed a little in java and I do understand programming logic. I expect to also need some help with the programming.

    This is a project I expect to use a little while on. I will have to buy most of the components and equipment. (Components, Testing equipment , Ect.) But I find it as a good personal project in addition to school.

    This is going to mounted in a computer case if possible.

    I'm open to new ideas. And would love if you gave some feedback on my ideas.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2013
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