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falla CyberHome/Recco CH-DVD 300 failure.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by El Robot de Mimbre, Sep 7, 2004.

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  1. Hello everyone. I have a problem:

    I get an Cyberhome DVD player, model CH-DVD 300, and it suddenly begins
    to stop VCD reading at the half of disk... and not even read DVDs. I
    opened it, dismount the unit, clean the lens, nothing... i tried to
    re-calibrate de lasers, and i get random response, sometaimes it reads
    VCD, sometimes not, and DVDs were recognized, but reported "bad" or "XXX
    error". then, i realized the real reason of the failure: Design error.
    For reduce costs (i imagine), ther was used an very short flex (that's
    the name we use here for that flat plastic bus that connects the mobil
    laser assembly with the card), and while in function, it gets "stressed"
    (sorry, my english sucks) and finally get cutted near the laser side.
    Now comes the real problem:

    1.- While i thougt it was the calibration, i dis-calibrate it.
    2.- Here i culdn't find the same flex (30 pins, aprox 1,8 cms wide, 10
    cms long) or other some longer, so i get one with 40 pins, same pin
    size, but 35 cms long.

    Now, i cut off the ten exedent pins and installed it, it fits OK, but
    now, i only can meke it reads CDs (VCDs, SVCDS, Audio-CDs, and every
    else), but not DVDs. I tried to re-calibrate the DVD laser, and i only
    gets recognition (there is an DVD disc), but when it starts to read, it
    loses the track.
    My question is: is there some max longitude for an DVD laser flex?? i
    imagine this: the bitrate of the DVD lecture signal is so high that it
    fades out in an so long bus conector. Anybody knows somthing about this?
    If it´s no the case, then the DVD laser simply died, and no fixation is
    posible, so the best i can do is remain it like a "VCD player".

    Sombady put light over this isuue please!

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