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Fake Caps

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by David L. Jones, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. Speaking of fake cache SRAM in another post reminded me of this fake
    electrolytic cap. Some might get a laugh out of it:

    One has to wonder though if the fakers got faked? What's inside the Rubycon

  2. z

    z Guest

    i remember when consumer reports tested rechargable batteries, like in
    the 70s, a zillion years before they got popular. except for Radio
    Shack rechargables, there wasn't any more capacity in the C or D sizes
    than the AA size; which was understandable when they autopsied them
    and found that the bigger ones were just AA batteries padded out to
    larger size. Except for Radio Shack rechargable batteries, oddly
  3. z

    z Guest

    oops, i remembered wrong; all the D cells were just C cells in fat
    suits, not AA cells, except the Radio Shack.
    that's still damn weird.
  4. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    Nothing weird about companies trying to deceive customers in order to
    maximise profits. The crooks have done it since day one, and will probably
    still be scamming on the eve of Armageddon!

  5. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    In the case of rechargables, it's arguable that it wasn't really a scam.
    The cells usually state their capacity on the casing.

    If you want rechargable cells for an appliance that takes D cells, then
    C cells won't cut it - you need D cells even if they only have the same
    capacity as C cells.

  6. K Ludger

    K Ludger Guest

    Are you sure Sylvia, these work fine for me:

    Depends on the appliance of course. What appliances do you have that take
  7. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    Partly true, there are however cheap plastic shells available if you really
    wanted to use C cells in your D cell device.
    The whole point of using D cells of course is to give longer battery
    duration, and I doubt most people realised they were substituting C cells
    that were simply cased to fit a D cell holder. The weight was a dead give
    away if you knew of course.

  8. Guest

    Radio Shack always had great batteries. Their gold alkaline cells were
    outstanding, I have some 15 year old AAA cells that I use once in a
    while, still good!
    Same for their blue NiCads, held a charge like crazy, still work after
    10 years.
  9. Guest

  10. I can vaguely recally the Radio Shack "battery of the month" club.
  11. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    I have a DSE DVD player (G1928) which uses Rubycon branded caps in the
    PSU. I suspect they are fakes because their dimensions don't match the
    Rubycon datasheets.

    - Franc Zabkar
  12. Guest

    Yes! And each time my dad and I went there, we'd get another card,
    until we had a nice little stack... pull a card that wasn't yet marked
    for the month, and voila... free shiny red Realistic battery!


  13. Yes! And each time my dad and I went there, we'd get another card,
    until we had a nice little stack... pull a card that wasn't yet marked
    for the month, and voila... free shiny red Realistic battery!


    More than a few people took advantage of that ;-)


  14. THE WINAH!!!

    No, I don't know how old it really is but it came outta an early 60's
    vintage Heathkit VTVM I got on ebay 4-5 years ago, from the logo it
    could actually be original to the unit :/.

    And yes, that really is the voltage from that battery showing on the
    meter, & yes, I took the pic today (Mar 19/09).

  15. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    Still sounds like a rip off to me, IF it is not stated the batteries are not
    designed to last beyond testing. I can just imagine Xmas morning and the toy
    lasts 2 minutes! At least when it says "batteries not included" you know
    what to expect.

    Sounds a lot like the printer manufacturers only providing a "trial" amount
    of ink, then charging more for the ink than the printer.
    Yes there is a legitimate reason, FOR THEM :-(

  16. Laser printer manufacturers who favor that sort of business practice
    (eg. Hewlett-Packard) ship printers with partially empty cartridges
    so as to shorten the time before you'll have to buy the proprietary
    replacement. The same sort of trickery that has makers of consumer
    products repackage their goods in smaller (but cleverly shaped)
    packages (typically priced the same per package). They don't so much
    save on the contents, but on the shorter time until you re-purchase.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  17. Mr.T

    Mr.T Guest

    Well that's obviously not deceptive then, the ones who don't however....

  18. Oh, for gosh sakes, it's not to "reduce production costs" by a few
    cents worth of toner- it's the "give them a razor and sell them the
    overpriced blades forever" gambit.

    But it's especially greedy of them to sell it with only a partially
    full $100 cartridge (or $500 worth of color cartridges), which carry
    the full load of hardware and are "chipped" to prevent refilling.

    And they do reduce production costs-- by slapping together shoddy
    product from dubious raw materials in 3rd world countries, and not
    supporting it when the inevitable failures happen (in part by using
    other 3rd world nationals to waste time and money at first world rates
    over almost-free telecommunications links).
    Only if you don't have an oligopoly, eh?
  19. z

    z Guest

    I see that on a lot of packages of consumer electronics with the
    button cells, but my experience is that the batteries included last
    about as long as any. i assume it's a CYA thing.
  20. z

    z Guest

    Yeah, that chipping thing is clever, isn't it? "for your protection"
    so that you won't accidentally install a refilled cartridge which
    might cause problems.
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