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Faint L.C.D. Display??

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Derek, Apr 24, 2004.

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  1. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Before I start, I have tried a Google search, and no luck.

    I have a digital, hand-held tachometer for checking the r.p.m.s of
    "stuff". I can read the display, but certain bars of the display are
    very faint and I must play with the angle to see the numbers.

    My question is this, is this (usually) a degradation of the display
    itself, or is it something like poor contacts inside? I know this is a
    vauge question, but any help would be appreciated. I have opened the
    unit and tried re-seated everything, but I'm nervous to go too far. I
    have done the obvious like replacing the battery and adjusting the
    contrast. It's the same bars that are faint in every mode.

    Any help much appreciated,
  2. If just few segmenst are bad, it could be a bad contact.

    If all the display is like that, I would check power supply to it.

  3. budgie

    budgie Guest

    IMOE degradation of LCD's manifests itself across segment most used if it
    results from a significant DC drive component. Otherwise, evenly across all
    segments if it results from aging/high_temp.

    Most likely though it is the result of poor contact on the zebra strip.

    Made the mistake once (yep, I learned) of opening a Fluke DMM at work that had a
    virtually undetectable display. Reseated the LCD on the zebra and it was like
    new, but *they* saw the result and it didn't make it to the bin :-(
  4. Derek

    Derek Guest

    Thanks for the input guys. Sorry you didn't score a Fluke DMM!!!

    I'm pondering..."If it aint broke....don't fix it". I'd really like to
    have all segments at the same contrast, but would hate to have it end
    up in the bin. Problem is, after I few beers, I have enough Dutch
    Courage to want to attempt the repair, but fear the groggy
    concequences. Without a few beers, reason (which I hate) kicks in and
    says, leave it be! I've abused cheap calculator LCDs' in the past,
    with no ill effects. Knowing my luck, this will be the one time the
    wheels fall off! ....Oh well.

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