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FA Fluke 6809 microprocessor analyzer/emulator free standing

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Art Mallet - Artfromny - formerly [email protected], Apr 1, 2004.

  1. Free standing device, brand new in the package, takes the place of the 9010A
    and the 6809 pod. This is a dedicated device for the 6809 only. Seems like
    a really handy piece of equipment especially for those doing field work on
    6809 based boards.
    Seller feedback around 2000, 99.8% positive.
  2. Kev

    Kev Guest

    The Fluke 90 is no where near as good as the 9010A for the simple fact that
    the clip on/over approach to troubleshooting is not reliable enough for
    serious testing. (Is the chip clean enough, is the adapter making a good

    Three Fluke 90 6809s that were pulled by the seller recently

    Auction that Art Mallet won yesterday for a Fluke 90 6809

    Current auction...

    Fluke 90 8085 that recently sold

  3. Agreed - I never said it was as good just an alternative, and I stated the
    features that the 90 had Your point is??
    Thanks for reminding me - oh, thats right, I already paid for it
    Seems like someone besides me sees the value of that - check the bids - it
    is over $180 already
    Kevin if you are going to spend all this time tracking items that I buy and
    sell, please try to post them BEFORE the auction ends so I can get in on the
    bidding :)

    But seriously, what the hell is with you -why do you find it so necessary
    to post my acution activity? The technical comments on my post are
    appreciated since we can all benefit from your knowledge, but pointing out
    my buying and reselling on eBay is infantile - just because I can get a good
    price on something by sniping it and then reselling it for more is no
    secret. Pointing out that a seller pulled 3 auctions for an item is
    meaningless - it doesnt affect the current auctions that I or anyone else is

    On another point, you might want to realize that I buy lots of pods on eBay
    and very rarely sell any there. There is a large market for pods at very
    high prices, and I am able to sell in that market at a substantial discount
    over many of the larger seller's prices. I have seen companies ask $800 and
    up for 6502 pods; an outfit called Navatek just quoted one of my customers
    $499 each to repair 80286 pods. My buying on eBay and reselling in the
    corporate market is actually saving customers money; its not my fault that
    the average arcade game repair person chooses not to spend the kind of money
    on a pod that a major corporation can.

    Anyway, as always, thank you for keeping track of my purchases on eBay, and
    sincerely, thank you for the time effort and knowledge that you have given
    the game collecting community.

  4. Rav

    Rav Guest



    We all make a buck somehow or other... Good luck to Art :)

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