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F-plug need to be fully tightened?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Peto, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Roy

    Roy Guest

    From: (Archimedes' Lever)
        You should start a page there of
    {{{{{{{Non-correctness}}}}}}}}}, Roy. Because that is all you are. You
    could finally be a star.

        Roy... You're an idiot.
    No Faggot - You're the Idiot - The Proper term or word there is
    {{{{{{Error or Erroneous}}}}}}} But WIKI Didn't have it for you did it -
    All that Copying & Pasting for Nothing - You're just as close minded &
    dumb with this Nic as you are with the others..perhaps even,
    **** all That Clicking & Shit ! - You're going to get tendonitis from
    writing pointless stupid moronic shit.......Later For You, Fool.

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  2. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Freedom is what you make of it - being condescending to your fellow man
    doesn't make much for anyone, does it - It'll stir up "Lady Justice",
    this image of her isn't pretty but take a look.....

    She has a place near me, By Neptune give it up or suffer the
    consequences }:)

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  3. Roy

    Roy Guest

  4. Roy

    Roy Guest

  5. TheKraken

    TheKraken Guest

    Wrong. The "proper" word is whatever fucking word *I* choose to write
    there, you idiotic self impotent dipshit.
    You get more and more retarded every time you post, Roy.

    You are the laughing stock of this group. Likely all of Usenet as well.
    You belong over in the kook group.
    No, Roytard... that is what YOU do. YOU copy-and-paste copyrighted
    materials, in fact.

    What I posted were what those of us with a brain call "links". There
    is no copy and paste.

    I do not expect you to have enough of a clue to understand what links
    are, however, since you are on the Rosie O'Retard bandwagon, and you
    think that wikipedia is lame and holds no validity.

    Roy... it is YOU that holds zero validity... here or anywhere else.
    Roy... your powers of assessment rank at nil. Stop trying to foist
    your utter stupidity on others. We already discount EVERY WORD YOU WRITE
    as being total bullshit. What are you shooting for? A Nobel Prize? They
    do give those out to terrorists and idiots these days... I am quite sure
    that you would qualify for one.
    I have had, and have posted with this nick for nearly a year, Roy, so
    you are behind the curve on that one as well, dipshit.
    You're an idiot.
    NO GAP before the exclamation, you retarded ****! You obviously didn't
    read the portion that stated that it would be way over your head. You
    show here that it obviously was way over your head.

    Only THREE periods constitute an ellipsis, you retarded twit, not ten!
    Is there anything other than gouging at your ass that you actually have
    correct knowledge of, Roy?
    Bwuaahahahahah! You're a joke, dipshit.
  6. You're an idiot, Roy. You and justice could not be farther apart.
    **** you, idiot. You could at least ATTEMPT to learn how to, and
    actually post a proper link, dumbass. Is there anything in life that you
    don't **** up?

    Oh yeah... that claim you made to being a master electrician... yeah
    sure, bub... at 25 years old.

    You are full of shit, Roy.
    If so, that is as close to a female that is not your retarded mother
    that you will ever get.
    More threats, you uncivil, bigoted, racist, homophobic retarded

    **** you, Roy. Give it your best shot, pussy.

  7. The Playstation 3 is only about 20 times more powerful, and about 500
    times more useful than that piece of shit you type your retarded Usenet
    group abusive horseshit on, Roy.

    I do not expect you to understand. After all... you are using WebTV.

    That in and of itself makes a HUGE statement about your capacity to
    understand modern technology.

    Roy... if you didn't notice, I just called you the total idiot that you
    are... again.

  8. That will only happen when you leave Usenet, and stop making retarded,
    abusive, CRAP posts, Roy.

    Again, I do not expect you to ever actually see the level of your
    stupidity, as you are SOOOOO stupid that you are obviously also blind to
    just how utterly retarded you really are.

    This entire group, as well as anyone else in Usenet that sees or has
    seen your retarded, bigoted, racist, inane twit posts, have also drawn
    this conclusion about you, Roy.
  9. From: (Archimedes' Lever)


     LIKE:   This entire group, as well as anyone else in Usenet
    that sees or has seen your retarded, bigoted, racist, inane twit posts,
    have also drawn this conclusion about you, Roy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~


    [merrily humping your leg here]
  10. Roy

    Roy Guest

    (TheKraken) Faggot You Suck!
    And: (Archimedes' Lever) Cram It Up
    Your Ass!
    Did your husband buy you that PS Toy? No? why don't and go surf Gay
    Dating Services and Get One.

    You're not part of the "Civilized World". Here with your Game Faces
    like you know something, Cowering behind Big Ass Famous Names &
    Creatures., go see a shrink - You are Mental Midgets at best and Nothing
    you say will ever change stupid illiterate wiki Backfire.

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  11. TheKraken

    TheKraken Guest

    Grow up yet, Roy?

    No? We can tell.

    Your 15 seconds of fame is over, dipshit.

    I'll be sure to find and refute the horseshit that you call "technical
    posts" here in this group in the future.

    Go ahead, Roy. Try to "help out".

    I'll bet that you don't fucking know jack. I am quite sure that you'll
    prove it too.

    I have already made that determination, but I am sure that you'll prove
    it further, every time you try to do otherwise.

    You are predictable, and transparent, Roy.

    Don't Forget To Use Lots Of Capitalized Words, when you post more of
    your stupid, inane, baby bullshit.

    We all need a good reason to laugh again.
  12. Roy

    Roy Guest

    From: (TheKraken)
    On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 19:34:33 -0400, (Roy) wrote:
    Faggot You Suck!
        Grow up yet, Roy?
    No dimbulb - You grow up !
    Refute all you want., all you'll do is prove to every here the real
    Idiotic fool you are., for petes sake take that bug out of your ass
    already - you're so lame it's comical.

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  13. Roy

    Roy Guest

    TheKraken - Who are you trying to scare?
    You're more like TheCyberStalker -
    You really do suck......So do your big scary name pals BigLeverUpHisAss
    & GoldenMethfiendBrittleAss, not to mention the other Compensatory Names
    you use to make yourself feel like the man in charge., we know you by
    your unkind responses to any that shows a little smarts or makes a
    simple mistake.

    You're just a Pathetic Control Freak -
    a Closet Homo panging for attention -
    on the side you're a Racists Pig -
    a Bigot with Criminal Tendencies -
    Pretty much a Malicious Insecure Pansy with a penchant for adversity., I
    hope you get what's coming to you real soon.

    You're a "Persona Non Grata".

    A Deviant - A Distraction - A Disruption

    The Personification of Nothingness

    Nothing, Claiming To Be Something

    A Coitus Interuptus - A Fictional False Friend Mendling in Others

    "Freedom" Does Not Give You Or Any One The Right To Infringe on Other
    Peoples Rights., Nor is it a Quality to be used to Malign, Harm or Annoy

    Have a Fucked Up Week !
  14. TheKraken

    TheKraken Guest

    Uh... RoyTard... it was YOU that made racist remarks in this group,
    not me... not ever.

    RoyTard... it was YOU that made criminal death threats in the group,
    not me... not ever.

    Roytard, it is YOU that makes bigoted remarks, particularly when
    someone tweaks the burr you have under your saddle. Not me, not ever.

    Shall I dig up some of your abso-fucking-lutely retarded posts to prove
    it? I have them right here, ya know. Though I give you exactly ZERO
    credit to actually "know" anything.

    In fact... given enough rope, I am quite sure that your retarded
    upbringing will result in you making more such illicit posts.

    Now... whenever you want to, asswipe... you can quote any posts
    anywhere, where I have committed the acts your retarded, know nothing ass
    has claimed. We'll be waiting, slander boy.
  15. RoyLFuchs

    RoyLFuchs Guest

    On Sun, 28 Sep 2008 23:56:31 -0400, (Roy) wrote:

    It appears that you spend a lot of time in front of a mirror,
    contemplating your anomalous life, before you come in here, and attempt
    to project the retarded horseshit that is the RoyTard's life into the
    group, all the while claiming that your afflictions are those of another.
    No, Roy... I work on satellites. YOU are persona non grata.
    Still glancing in the mirror, I see.
    Yes, Roy... EVERY post you make amounts to exactly nothing. That is
    what happens when one multiplies a number by a zero value element. You
    are that element.
    Hey, Roy! That would make a great sig... for you.
    Again, RoyTARD! LEAVE YOUR SEXUAL HORSESHIT in your hand... we don't
    need your utter stupidity in the group.
    You're an idiot. Your mother is an idiot, and your father is unknown.

    Just so you know, asswipe... THIS IS A PUBLIC newsgroup. YOU do NOT
    have ANY affairs here that are "others".

    If you were any more clueless, I'd swear that you were no more than a
    retarded, immature 25 year old that has the mental "maturity" of an 8
    year old.
    What rights of others have been infringed upon, you racist, bigoted,
    homophobic, retarded asswipe?! You got a lotta room to talk, you stupid

    You have no fucking clue what "Freedom" OR "Rights" are. You are
    about as fucking clueless as it gets, RoyTard. Bwuahahahahahahaha!

    Your racist, bigoted, immature, homophobic rants annoy me, asswipe.
    You get it right back in your pathetic, retarded face, boy.

    The only twit here that gets called what it is... is you, RoyTard.

    You fucking twit!
    ESAD! You retarded twit ****.
  16. Roy

    Roy Guest

    You two faced tight ass, tight wallet pussies are really not worth it -
    that's why you can't even act like a real decent human being - cause you
    don't have jack shit to offer but Boasty Ninny Ass Lifeless Satelite
    Sucking Snivelling Little Lies You Stupid Stuck Up Shit Bag.

    The Hell With You !
  17. Roy

    Roy Guest

        Shall I dig up some of your abso-fucking-lutely retarded
    posts to prove it? I have them right here, ya know. Though I give you
    exactly ZERO credit to actually "know" anything.
    **** You-------Go ahead!
    It'll be like pulling shit out of your own ass - Give it a good whiff
    and Illustrate Yourself with them, because it's your handy work you
    StuffedShirt, AbusiveNameCalling, ProvocativeWeirdo - I know it's you
    since you critized my craft & attire - btw I have access to all the past
    posts too-------You drew first blood.

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  18. RoyLFuchs

    RoyLFuchs Guest

    NO, ROY! BAD BOY! When YOU say something here... It is YOU, not
    those you think DROVE you to it.

    Can you really be so fucking retarded as to believe that *I* made you a
    racist retarded fucktard?
    Provacative don't means shit, Dip Tracy. When you spew the words you
    spew, it is just like telling the truth when you are drunk, you racist
    bastard! You don't get to blame it on other people.
    You're an idiot, Roy. I do not even want to know what the retarded
    "skill" you claim to have that you claim is a "craft" is. Dig, Boy? I
    don't want to know ANYTHING about YOU OR your utterly retarded life.

    **** OFF AND DIE, Roy!

    That is ALL you get from me. That is the ONLY plate of shit you
    deserve here from ANYONE, you groups abusing bastard!
    You're a goddamned idiot, Roy. I have never referred to anyone's race,
    and I never called you "a fag", or any other of the baby bullshit YOU
    have pulled here.
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