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F-plug need to be fully tightened?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Peto, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Got proof of that?
  2. I dot remember there being a year of the laser..

    oh well. In some private univesre, obviously..

    Will they be letting you out this year at all?

    Oh dear oh dear. I think they need to up the medication slightly..
  3. FatBytestard

    FatBytestard Guest

    More gay slur baby bullshit, from the closet retard. Good job,
    dipshit. You expose all your mental weaknesses every time you post,

    Certainly not you, asswipe.
    You are a capitalization RETARD! That is aside from the FACT that your
    assessments are MEANINGLESS, and carry ZERO CREDENCE.
    "too point out..."? You're an idiot. Go get yourself a remedial
    English and grammar course, dipshit.

    Jeez... did you even make it past third grade English studies?
    Said the dipshit that made up another name, and invaded the group with
    all caps baby bullshit rants? Sorry, CHUMP, but your words carry ZERO
    viability here or anywhere else. You are a meaningless twit, at best.

    Envious? Of what? Your NON-knowledge of electricity and electronics?
    Hardly. My sweat glands know more electronics than you do, dipshit.

    In this very thread... "brittle F fittings" Bwuahahahaha!
    through your webTARDTV brainless head! YOU are the invader, dipshit!
    Sorry, but piss poor writing skills are piss poor no matter how the
    retard that writes it describes it.
    Your mother is a retarded, felony criminal.
    So, **** off, you retarded WebTV dumbfuck!
    We know it is you, Roy.
    You're a goddamned idiot, and you are a goddamned idiot when you post
    as Boytard as well, RoyTard.
    I think your grasp of English hover just above nil. Bwuahahaha!
    Wrong, RoyTard. Where are all those posts from the rest of the "we"
    you claim to be a part of supporting your inane "point"?

    Oh... that's right... The ENTIRE GROUP has YOU kill filtered!
    You keep getting it wrong, RoyTard. It was YOUR RETARDED MOTHER that
    needed to FLUSH the PIECE OF SHIT that The RoyTard is.

    You are a fucking Bio-Hazard, and she is a goddamned retard for not
    flushing you right off the bat.
    Making more baby bullshit up, RoyTard? How many of your "rest of the
    group" do you see me calling a retard? Nope, RoyTard... YOU are ALL
    ALONE. YOU are the invader of this group, and it is YOU that has no
    respect for ALL THE FOLKS that told YOU to take a fucking hike.

    Since YOU did NOT leave, THEY ALL kill filtered your retarded ass.
    Pot... Kettle... Black.... Oh, that's right... you are too goddamned
    dumb to get that one too.
    I have committed no crime here, Roy... EVER! Calling you the retard
    you are is NOT a crime, dumbfuck.

    YOU, on the other hand, HAVE made: Death threats... NOT LEGAL.

    YOU, on the other hand, HAVE made: Racist remarks... NOT LEGAL.

    YOU, on the other hand, HAVE made: bigoted remarks... That will sure
    score points in a "legal battle"... for me... and against you. So go
    ahead and draw it into a court any time you feel froggy, dipshit.

    Are you getting it yet, you stupid, illicit fucktard?
    Said the retarded **** that thinks F fittings are "brittle". You are
    not supposed to use a pair of pliers on them, you stupid, dumbfucktard.

  4. So, you are not the "Roy" pussy of past months that claimed to be 56
    years old?

    You are the disgrace, dipshit.
  5. krw

    krw Guest

    Proof? Not proof, but Dimbulb's (too long) posting history includes
    a lot of evidence of the fact.
  6. krw

    krw Guest

    I wasn't talking about Roy, Dimmie.
    I won't wait.
    BTW, folks. Dimbulb's other name is AlwaysWrong.
  7. RoyLFuchs

    RoyLFuchs Guest

    You're a goddamned retard.

    NOT "in the bible belt", you retarded jackass.

    NOT in my 50's, and both of you dipshits are totally retarded.

  8. More proof that your knowledge of electronics hovers at NIL.

    There was a "year of the transistor" as well as a "year of the FET".

    Neither, however, were when the devices were conceived. The year they
    were actually made real is all that counts.

    I wouldn't expect a total twit like you to have grasp of such thing,
    much less any common sense.

    **** off now, jock boy.
  9. No, dumbass. Right here in the real world.

    I didn't really think you were quite so utterly retarded, but I guess
    truth is stranger than fiction.

    You remember the wiki, right, fuckhead?
  10. Guest

    Here, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy...


    [merrily humping your leg here]
  12. Roy

    Roy Guest

    From: (FatBytestard)
    All The Stupid Retarded Shit he wrote SNIPPED<

    You're so thorough in your rants I bet you give great blowjobs You Fat

    You like pointing out shit ? Point your assy rants and fits elsewhere.

    You should go to alt.binary.gays for what you want you Usenet Scumsucker
    there are more cox there for you to shake that ass may even get
    laid freak.

    This is all Brought To You "Live" Via Wonderful World Wide Web alias The
    Internet you Usenetard Coxsucking Twit.

    BTW Boytard must be waiting for you at TS to give your ass the reaming
    it deserves - Lets hope he makes you very happy..Come back & tell us all
    about it, Okay?};-) Rwahahahahaha you moron.

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  13. Roy

    Roy Guest

    On Thu, 25 Sep 2008 21:40:13 -0400, (Roy) wrote:
    Again., you're wrong Scumbag,
    Take you freaks and **** off.....
    You're all a Disgrace to Patriotism !
                    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
        So, you are not the "Roy" pussy of past months that claimed
    to be 56 years old?
        You are the disgrace, dispute.
    I'm not 56 - what are you some kind of despicable piece of trash

    Do Something Really Patriotic

    Suicide bomb yourself and take FatBytestards & his trashy family &
    friends with you. Once I confirm you did this I'll wave a Flag in your
    honor - and - Clear your Disgraced Ass of all wrong doing., make sure
    there will be no collateral damage before you cap yourself, or you'll be
    the biggest fuctard of the century instead.

    Oh' If successful - you may get to be a beautful fucking prince in the
    next life and your Noble God Appointed King will give you land &
    riches...Sounds familiar?

    I'm 25 today - don't be an introvert.
  14. Roy

    Roy Guest

    oh well. In some private univesre, obviously..
        No, dumbass. Right here in the real world.
        I didn't really think you were quite so utterly retarded,
    but I guess truth is stranger than fiction.
      You remember the wiki, right, fuckhead?
    Remember It? LOL };-) WIKI is the recourse for Desperate Retards that
    don't know shit & wanna feel & look like they do - they are so lame
    there - I must admit we have bested them here in several occasions -
    Only Fools depend on WIKI for any Valid Professional Info.

    Brittle Dude you are "The Biggest Moron"
    They should make a Reality TV Show out of You., you'd win every time};-)

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  15. Roy

    Roy Guest

    From: TriumpTheInsultComicDog
    [merrily humping your leg here]
    Now look here Triump or whoever you really are., we have been putting up
    with your poop in this group for a week now, don't make me call Conan
    about your blatant disrespect for the professionals here...Not all of us
    are Faggoty };-)

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  16. From: (Roy)

    Now look here Triump or whoever you really are., we have been putting up
    with your poop in this group for a week now, don't make me call Conan
    about your blatant disrespect for the professionals here...Not all of us
    are Faggoty };-)
                    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]

    [feeling down & limp as a worm in winter]
  17. FatBytestard

    FatBytestard Guest

    You sound as if it is you that has the male craving, and you are
    venting your fantasies for me here. How sad, you are, RoyToy.
    Every time I post a response to you, that is exactly what I am doing.
    **** you, RoyToy. You do not get to tell me what to do... dig?
    Is that your other group, RoyToy?
    I take it back. You cannot be 56.

    You are more like a goddamned retarded NYC teenager... likely fucking
    disabled from your retarded mother dropping you onto your head too many
    times in your pre-potty trained years... or did you ever actually get
    potty trained?
    This is NOT the web NOR is it the Internet, you retarded twit.

    Do you even have any clue as to what the term "NNTP server" means? I
    think not.
    Sorry, RoyToy, but your fantasies are more than a little sick, and
    whatever you and your BoyTardToy do with each other is best kept to
    RoyToy... You epitomize the word moron. Run out and look up the word
    "epitomize" now... Hurry!

    Yep... that's you, RoyToy. Bwuahahahahah!
  18. FatBytestard

    FatBytestard Guest

    You act like a goddamned ten year old mentally deficient adolescent.

    Your mother should be jailed for not flushing you RoyToy.

    Instead of outlining your complete and utter stupidity, you could
    simply leave the group. You are not a participant, you are an
    interloper. You contribute nothing and every post you make constitutes
  19. If you had any brains, jackass, and you were not simply stalking me via
    my posts, you would have remembered that the person I was responding to
    cited a wiki page in his attempt to prove me wrong.

    Thanks for reinforcing everyone's already held strongly view that you
    are indeed just as retarded as we have been stating that you are.

    It appears that the RoyToy retard has jumped on the "wiki is not right"
    bandwagon, when in fact it is the RoyToy retard that is not right, and
    could not be farther from the truth.
    So, dunbfuck, you are saying that the LASER was not first used
    successfully in May of 1960?

    You are even more retarded than I originally declared, RoyToy.
    Sorry, Chump, but it appears to me that you are the dope that got
    fractured when I called you the unflushed, mothered by a retard fuckhead
    that you are.
    Is your father still around? He should take a baseball bat to your
    fucking skull, dipshit. I am sure glad that you are too pussified to
    continue your lame fucktard bloodline. No real woman would have a
    retarded twit like you.
    Yep... that's you.

  20. Roy, you do not know your ass from a hole in the ground.

    There are hundreds of thousands of wiki pages and that is just the
    concise and correct ones.

    You should start a page there of Non-correctness, Roy. Because that is
    all you are. You could finally be a star.

    Many many pages... here are some examples...

    The above must be cut and pasted to work properly from within some news

    Don't worry, Roy... I know that went right over your head, so you can
    ignore it. It was for real folks that use real news readers.


    Roy... You're an idiot.
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