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extreme newbie question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Blarg, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Blarg

    Blarg Guest

    Been trying for months to find a watch beeper. NOT A WATCH WITH A BEEPER IN
    IT! All I want are the parts or even the circuit that beeps. I've looked
    every electronics supplier on the internet and none of them carry anything
    anywhere near as small as what I'm looking for.
    Anyone have a clue where to get these tiny parts?
  2. If the sound transducer is what you want, you can buy them from
    Digikey. The CEB-20D64 is one of the smallest one they carry. There
    may be smaller ones inside resonator packaged units, if you want to
    dissect something.
  3. Blarg

    Blarg Guest

    Thanks for the response!
    The buzzer you suggested is not self contained. Requires some sort of IC
    driver to make a sound.
    It is also HUGE compared to what must fit inside a wrist watch.
    Also weighs a gram and a half by itself, which is a bit heavy.
    Nobody seems to know what is used in alarm watches or where to get the
    Extremely frustrating.
    Anyway, thanks again for trying. The mystery continues. (been looking for
    these parts for over a year now).
  4. Guest

    These buzzers consist of a piezo element ( a wafer of ceramc material
    that bends when voltage is applied), possibly a resonator (not used
    when the case of the watch is made to vibrate directly from the
    bending) anda signal source. Sometimes the signa lsource is an
    oscillator and sometimes it is an amplifier hooked up to the piezo with
    a positive feedback connection that makes the amplifier produce the
    resonant frequency of the bender. In a watch, the signal is uaually
    generated by a digital frequency dovider based on the quartz crystal
    that is the time base for the watch.

    If you disect one of these resonator packages, you should find the
    amplifier on a tiny circuit board and a small circular wafer of Piezo
    material that is metalized and connected to the driver. If you are
    able to remove the contents from the resonator, you might be able to
    cement the bender onto some surface (like the back of a watch case). data/EFB-R A B.pdf
    The smallest of these is part # P9900 (14 mm resonator case diameter).
  5. Guest

  6. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    What you're looking for is called a piezoelectric "bender" or
    "bimorph". Google will get you lots of hits.
  7. Blarg

    Blarg Guest

    Thanks Jpopelish! I already have some of these. I'm looking for something
    smaller. Flatter, expecially. I think I need a tiny ic for a flat piezo
    buzzer, but I have no clue how to make/find such an ic.
  8. Blarg

    Blarg Guest

    Hey, thanks. You may have put me onto something I could at least try. I
    thought this would be so simple!
    I still need some kind of driver for the piezo element. I could take one
    out of a watch, as you said, but I will
    need hundreds of these things if my application proves viable.
  9. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Go to the drugstore or Walmart and get watches for $9.95 apiece and
    take the beeper out and throw the rest in your junque box. :)

    GOod Luck!
  10. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If it will really be that large of quantities, ask a watchmaker where
    they get theirs, and/or if they'd like to sell some.

    Good Luck!
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