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Extending 220v, 30 amp dryer wire

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rita, May 2, 2004.

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  1. Rita

    Rita Guest

    A handyman extended my dryer wiring 40 feet through plastic (PCV??)
    electrical conduits (220v, 30 amp). My concern is that he seems to
    have used plumbing elbow pcv to make the 90 degree turns rather than
    the gradual electric pcv that Home Depot sells for this purpose.
    Everything works just fine (the dryer is working etc..). My question
    is: Is this code legal to use a 90 degree plumbing connector to join 2
    electrical conduits???

    Any help is appreciated.


    PS-Please e-mail me with a response
  2. Neil

    Neil Guest

    WEEEELLLLL, isn't ok, and would not be considered "in code
    spec". That being said, I doubt very much that it really makes any
    difference, as the PVC tubing simply is supposed to protect the wire from
    external physical damage, and any covering would do that. Taking into
    consideration that most electricians would have simply run the wire, without
    any conduit AT ALL, then I doubt that this is anything to stay awake at
    night over.
    Be prepared on this forum for people to wax poetically on the technical
    details, but what I said is the long and short of it. I doubt that any REAL
    licensed electrician would do anything to endanger you, and if it really
    bothers you that much, then call him back, and get him to
    change it.
  3. Neil

    Neil Guest

    Oh...and if the guy was just a handyman, and not a licensed electrician to
    begin with...then NON OF THE WORK IS "UP TO CODE"...and one stinkin' elbow
    is absolutely the least of your worry.
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