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Extech MM560 - Micronta 22-167 Shootout

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Anthony Fremont, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    You never did say what you thought of the Owon 25MHz-100Msa/s-6K buffer DSO
    Well, I don't know if I'm qualified. I've not had a lot of experience
    evaluating scopes. I just usually buy quality used brand names (I own 2
    Tektronix scopes). But if I had to buy new and wanted an LCD scope, I might
    try it.

    Looking at the specs, I notice it says "Sampling rate: 100 MS/s" then a bit
    later "Sampling rate range "10 S/s ~ 250 MS/s". Don't know what that means
    (if it's a range, why say 100MS/s? If its set, why say 10 S/s ~ 250 MS/s?) I
    would have to ask questions about it.

    But most of all, I think equipment like this is best tried out. If you know
    someone who already has a certain model, you can "test drive" it. Or if the
    seller is willing to offer a decent return policy, that would be another way
    I'd be tempted.

    But outright buying it from what I see on the web site? Mmm... I think I'd
    not do that. But then I'm not looking right now.

    Hope that's somewhat helpful.

  2. I just meant in terms of the pricing. $329 for a color DSO seems an awful
    good deal. Nice big full VGA screen too.
    Hmmm.....I hadn't noticed that. The Rigol changes the sample rate based
    upon the time base selected and the buffer length (norm 1k/2k or deep
    512k/1M). I'm surprised at how useful a seemingly small 2k buffer is.
    I was just curious what you thought of the price.
  3. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    I was just curious what you thought of the price.

    Less is better! (c: But I have to evaluate the product too. I mean, if it's
    a pile of rubble, $2 is too much. If it's the functional equivalent of the
    Tektronix 2465 and more, then $329 is a fabulous price. You get what I
  4. KTy

    KTy Guest

    Any feedback from the OWON ?
  5. None yet that I've seen. I have the Rigol DS1102C and I'm really happy so
    far. I'm really impressed with Rigol tech support. I had a couple of
    questions/issues and they were very responsive via e-mail. Not bad for
    dealing straight with China IMO. :)
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