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Extech MM560 - Micronta 22-167 Shootout

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Anthony Fremont, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    On a uA scale on AC, it could easily be induced into it from local

    See if it does it without the leads attached. If not, try it with
    the leads twisted.

    Maybe you have a little electric eel in you.
  2. Then you must have one too.
    Your beloved Protec 506 does a similar thing without the leads, uA and
    mA scale.
    It's the RMS converter settling.

    Dave :)
  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Mouser has an 800 number and they have always been courteous and helpful.
    And it did not seem to make a difference whether i wanted to return
    *one* item or order 70,000.
  4. Right, just fuses. ;-)
    I haven't opened it up yet, since it had the batter installed already. I'll
    try to do it before the weekend is out. Exterior is good, the backlight is
    pretty bad. Not sure what they were thinking on that, maybe it's a power
    consumption thing. Instead of being edge lit, it seems to have four leds
    behind the panel. Maybe it's an illusion.
    Yup, that would be it. The DS-1102C. I passed on the logic analyzer
    function, but it seemed to be a decent one. I'm going to wait for an
    external LA that decodes protocols. What do you think of this for a beater?
    Nice big 8" screen with full VGA 640x480:
    It seriously looks like allot of these scopes share allot of the same
    hardware technology internally, regardless of the name. Even the software
    looks and functions in suspiciously similar ways between brands. These
    scopes are made by Owon: Too much
    engrish in the manual though, and ugly overcompressed diagrams and images.
    Too bad, cuz with a full VGA display, it'd pretty much have to look nice and
    sharp. They shouldn't have chinced like that on their manual. The battery
    option is only like $75US.
  5. I'm sure that's true, I've bought stuff from them for over ten years. I'll
    let them slide this time on it. ;-)
  6. It does it with no leads. Any time it is first placed in one of the AC or
    RMS modes, it does this. What seems so strange is that switching from mA to
    uA doesn't change what you see in the display, it just keeps doing it's
    thang counting downwards. The general consensus is that the true RMS
    converter is to blame here and that this is normal behavior. David says his
    Fluke takes about 30 seconds to settle down. This one will keep going for
    about two minutes before it really gets "stable", but after the first 30
    seconds or so it's within about 20 counts of its resting point. The meter
    seems to work fine, at least it's in agreement with my micronta. ;-)
  7. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    Some meters beep alarm when in current mode without leads.
  8. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    Another poster's claim about the RMS circuitry seems true then. I
    don't think it is a heating then as he said though. It is simply a
    settling resolve at that delicate scale. Evidenced also by the fact
    that it repeats even with great immediacy of a power/setting cycle.

    Greater scales likely do it as well, only in mere milliseconds.
  9. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    Does it do so WHILE actually attempting to take a reading? As in, if
    you look at some known current level right after a switch to that

    It will either float down, or read the known value. It might just
    not like resolving the RMS value for ZERO. :-]
  10. This one gets all upset if you have the red lead in a current measurement
    hole, but turn the dial to voltage or resistance settings. It doesn't seem
    to care about the other way. I guess it's protected and it figures that the
    user will figure out why they aren't getting a reading.
  11. At least when the current that you measure is larger than the count, it
    doesn't seem to be affecting anything. IOW, you won't see 1.50mA ticking
    downward continuously.
    It seems to act like it's following a charge or discharge curve. It counts
    way fast at first and then keeps slowing down. I never really need RMS
    values anyhow, so I can just turn it off. What does your Protek do when you
    first put it in an RMS mode? Does it need a little settling time?

  12. As I mentioned in another post, the Protek 506 does the same thing,
    takes about 30 seconds to settle down to zero, it does not have an
    offset though.

    Your Extech has switchable True RMS mode? If so that would be the
    first meter I've seen with such a nice function!

    Dave :)
  13. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    I think it is pretty cheap. Nowhere near as good or advanced as the
    ex you have. This meter is like six years old. It is also very
    basic. I said I only use it for easy stuff like automotive.

    Just looked... It's pretty sad only 4000 count... yes, only 3 zeros!

    I'm sure that its version of "RMS" is a "close approximation", not
    anything worth relying on too heavily.

    It says "True RMS", but back in the seventies, car stereo makers
    made a lot of false claims too. :-] Bet it would fail on 15th order

    On current, it says it has a 400uA range with 0.1uA resolution.

    The thing I like is the data link capacity. For a cheap meter, I can
    pump figures into a spreadsheet without doing double entry.

    Still some pretty sad figures by today's standards.

    My OLD HP still hits home runs with some of the best of them though.
  14. MassiveProng

    MassiveProng Guest

    Yeah, he threw me with that one as mine is in that mode all the time.
    Suck ass meter though, by any desirable spec seekers.
  16. You can pick DC, AC or Both (I assume that's "both" is true RMS mode). When
    in "both" mode, the display updates very slowly. The countdown effect
    occurs even when using just plain old AC mode (current or voltage), but the
    display updates several times/second instead. The "countdown" procedes at
    it's own pace no matter what mode you choose. This only happens in AC or
    "both" modes, not in any strictly DC mode.
  17. My micronta is only 3200 counts. Was great back then.
    And they stopped.....when??
    So far I'm really happy with the low current measurement ability. My
    micronta would give me .1uA resolution, but it wouldn't lock onto anything
    that was less than about 1uA. For example, at 600nA, the Micronta would
    kinda shudder and occasaionally show a reading of .6 or .7, but most of the
    time it would show -0 or some such. The Extech has no problems. :)
    Yeah, the extech has a data output, but it costs $70 for the cable and
    software. It's a purely optical connection so I guess that's good from a
    safety standpoint. I'm going to try and see if I can decode the data coming
    out the IR LED in the back......if my scope ever gets here.
    The HP has really nice specs and ebay has them at a reasonable price.
    Tucker wants 750 for a refurb, can you believe that?
  18. In that case then it's always True RMS just like every other meter. Oh

    I presume it's slower in dual display mode because it has to use the
    same converter to alternate between direct DC measurement, and
    measurement of the output from the true RMS converter.

    Dave :)
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  20. DaveC

    DaveC Guest sez:
    Is this just a 'bot'?
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