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Experiments with WWVB

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Don Lancaster, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. tm

    tm Guest

    Will it work with the new WWVB format?
  2. tm

    tm Guest

    "In the second of the two formats, based on PM, which has been in use since
    October 29, 2012, binary-phase-shift-keying (BPSK) modulation is used,
    wherein the carrier's phase is unaffected when conveying a "0", and is
    inverted (i.e. 180-degree shifted) when conveying "1". This time code, also
    operating at a rate of 1 bit/sec, is delayed by 0.1s with respect to the
    first time code described above, such that 180-degree transitions in the
    carrier phase can only occur 0.1s after the 17dB power reduction that is
    created by the pulse-width-modulation. The data content, physical properties
    and scheduling features of this BPSK time code may be found here:

    Enhanced WWVB Broadcast Format "
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