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EveryCircuit - How to add a missing component ?

Discussion in 'PCB Layout, Design and Manufacture' started by RovDan, Jan 6, 2022.

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  1. RovDan


    Jan 6, 2022

    I am working on a circuit who uses a CD 4013 CMOS (Dual D flip flop with Set and Reset) .

    However, in the upper toolbar of EveryCircuit, there's a D flip flop... but without the Set and Reset inputs like the well known 4013.

    So, I suppose it's impossible for an user to modify or create a new component...

    I didn't see any link to contact the staff of this very good software.

    Any idea ?

    Best regards,

  2. bertus

    bertus Moderator

    Nov 8, 2019

    Did you see this on their webpage:
    mailto:[email protected]?subject=EveryCircuit%20inquiry
    It is hidden in the support button.

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