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Ever seen a part like this?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Tim Williams, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest
    CA2206, made by TRW circa 1979. 9 pin SIP, two pins cut, black molded box
    on top of a hunk of aluminum with screws. Pulled from what I think was a
    small TV transmitter (channel 3-4, a few watts?), likely the final RF amp.

    All I know about it is, it exists. I'd guess it's something self biased,
    like a power forerunner of an MMIC, possibly with matching or tuning built
    in. Any ideas on pinout, voltage, specs?

  2. Am 01.07.2012 04:54, schrieb Tim Williams:

    CATV hybrid amplifier. It is not in my 1977 TRW data book.

    Similar devices feature 17 dB gain 30-300 MHz 7 dB noise figure
    200 mA @24V 18 db return loss in/out (ca2100/2200)
    They seem to be dual channel and self-contained, i.e in, out, gnd, Vcc.
    Specs center around IMD over n TV channels.

    To late @local time to continue. I have similar stuff made by NEC.

    regards, Gerhard
  3. legg

    legg Guest

    1981 TRW CA28xx parts are all RF linears with no reference to CATV.

    Philips did BGY61,BGY65, BGY67 etc in the package, ID'd as SOT115.
    Motorola did both CA and MHW parts in the package - case style 714.
    Their numbers started at 400 and went up to five digits, for UHF and
    VHF hybrids. Only numbers above 1000 reference CATV apps.

    The reference to amplifier 'pairs' may be confusing, as the typical
    pin configuration for all is input, gnd, gnd, V+, gnd, gnd, output.
    Input and output may be transformer-coupled, with input-side ground
    terminals potentially floating, internally.

  4. mike

    mike Guest

    CA2201 is 24V 300MHz
    Pin 1 RF in
    pin 7 RF out
    Pins 2,3,5,6 ground.
    Pin 4 depends on the part number.
    On some it's +VCC and on others it's -VCC.
    Looks like internally matched for 75 ohm in tv band.

    Source: 1988 TRW book.
    No info on 2206
  5. holyhigh

    holyhigh Guest

    catv linear amp, Moto made them too.
    many different bandwidths
    Nice LPFM transmitter parts

    volt was 24? middle pins are ground end pins are in and out on opposite
    ends, 1 was input I think ?, .
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