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ever heard of book- Basic Elec, Van Valken Nooger & Neville

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Rob B, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Rob B

    Rob B Guest

    I was digging through some old boxes of books and came across this series of
    books yellow/red

    basic electricity (1-6 volumes)
    by Van Valkenburgh Nooger & Neville Inc.
    pub Hayden
    date 1954
    ISBN 0-8104-003-0

    is this stuff to old to learn/re-learn fundamentals of electricity theory ?

    i remember thumbing through these books when i was a kid but nothing stuck,
    well not that i remember
    just curious if they are worth keeping or throwing out ?

  2. Keep, store them away in a dry spot, give them to someone that will hold
    on for another 50 years
  3. UFO Joe

    UFO Joe Guest

    is this stuff to old to learn/re-learn fundamentals of electricity
    theory ?

    Not unless electrons have changed in the last 50 years ;-)
  4. Rob B

    Rob B Guest

    haha, i was thinking more along lines that our understanding of electrons
    has changed in past 50 years, so that might make these books explanation
    incorrect or misleading ?

    I was reading some article (maybe a newsgroup thread) about the misleading
    and confusing use of terms in electricity/electronics and was wanting to
    avoid any pitfalls

  5. W. Watson

    W. Watson Guest

    I guess it depends on how basic they are, and whether there's some
    revolutionary new development that takes place. One such event happened
    around the date of the books. The invention of the transistor. If they talk
    about tubes, maybe it's time to think of the material as of historical
    interest rather than educational. I have some of my old EE books from 45
    years ago and they still are relevant; however, I suspect a EE student today
    would find that there are a number of new things taught. Another item that's
    coming into play now is quantum mechanics, and has been for many years.

    The focus changes, but for the most part good facts remain as good facts.
    Maxwell's equations still work. Euclidian geometry still works too.

    Check Amazon and see if any are offered there. They have quite a bit of
    value to someone as rare books.

    Wayne T. Watson (Watson Adventures, Prop., Nevada City, CA)
    (121.015 Deg. W, 39.262 Deg. N) GMT-8 hr std. time)
    Obz Site: 39° 15' 7" N, 121° 2' 32" W, 2700 feet
  6. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    A Van Valkenburgh book was on our book list when I studied Electronics at
    Southhampton University in 1979-81.
  7. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    Those old books may shortly be the only source of
    fundamental operation info available.
    Tubes and transistors might look different, but the
    working principles are still the same today.
    Just keep them and read them to enjoy and refress
    your knowledge.
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