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Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by yaputya, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Any old-timers out there that can help me with an old 10.525GHz doppler
    radar project?
    It was published in ETI as the ETI-702 around May 1975 and used the CL8960
    module from Philips.
    I built the thing way back when and have just found it again in a box of old
    electronic bits.
    The article from ETI would be much appreciated.
  2. F Murtz

    F Murtz Guest

    Copies of these magazines are usually held by the state library in nsw
    and maybee libraries in other places.
  3. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Silicon Chip have all the back issues and can do a reprint for you.

    Costs $12, if that is not to much for your finances.

    ..... Phil
  4. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    I really only need the schematic and component overlay.
    $12 is a rip-off, SC should put all the old ETI's online for free like Popular Science have done.
  5. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Yawnnnnn........

    ** Shameful - Leo should be spanked to within an inch of his life ...

    ** How stupid - ETI was never a mag that SC published.

    PLUS - at $12 for a reprint, individually hand copied and mailed to your
    home address, it is a clear money loser for SC.

    But that sort of bloody obvious fact wouldn't bother a born piece of sub
    human shit like you.

    FOAD, painfully.

    ..... Phil
  6. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    That wouldn't take much these days.
    SC is the only entity that can 'legally' put the ETI archives online, since they
    'obtained' the rights when Federal Publishing axed EA.
    So if SC won't do it themselves, they should let someone else have a go.
    One bloke -Marty- at used to scan
    *any* project article in any of the electronics mags and put 'em up somewhere
    on his site for download. And he never charged a cent. He didn't make them public,
    you sent him an email for a particular article and he would scan it and send you
    the URL by email. Unfortunately the net police seem to have got to him and closed him down.

    They charge $15 for O/S mailing.

    So why do they bother if it's such a Phil er such a loser? Just give the job of scanning the
    ETI projects to someone who will put them online for nix, like Popular Science did.

    Anyway, SC are still photocopying and snail-mailing instead of scanning and
    e-mailing. Wake up Leo, it is 2012!

    Oh dear.....
    Phil the foulmouthed faggot couldn't have taken his pills yet today.......
  7. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Thanks, but I'm about 10,000 miles from NSW.
  8. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    You are so out of touch with the real world.
    For a start, there are hundreds of people who contributed to EA and ETI,
    you will never track them down to send them their "entitelments".
    Secondly, your stuff and and everyone elses project contributions to
    EA and ETI can be put on the web by anyone in the world. I have seen stuff from
    SC republished on various OS electronics forums etc. and they are still in
    So all your waffle about getting paid if the EA/ETI archive was made available
    for free is unenforcable and patently ridiculous.

    Big deal. That's about the only project that still is a kit.
    Oh, and please answer this Einstein....
    Altronics are still selling a kit, are you getting paid for that ?
    If someone wanted to build the Miniosc, would they simply go
    to Altronics and buy the kit (you get nothing) or would they
    get a reprint from SC and make their own (you still get nothing).
    If the EA archive was online you would still get nothing, but SC
    would be saving money (you said so yourself).
    True, but the contributors aren't makin any money out of the current
    arrangements, the projects are largely of historical significance and
    anyone violating this pissweak example of copyright would be ROTFL
    if you tried to take them to court.
    It's called pissing into the wind and you are very good at it, it seems.

    BTW I have a Mini Oscillator!! I bought it when Dick Smith was getting
    out of the kit business and selling off all the kits in the stores.
    It only cost $5, worth that in parts alone. But I built it anyway and still use
    it - it's handy but you still need a CRO to see what the uncalibrated
    thing is actually putting out. Especially as there is no weak battery indication.

    Funny thing is the DSE K-7339 Assembly Manual that came with the
    kit doesn't mention any "Phil Allison" at all!!!! It says the circuit "derives
    from the Low Distortion Oscillator in Feb/Mar 1989 EA, and
    it occurred to us that an even simpler version was possible."
    Now I don't doubt that Phil designed the "Son of LDO" but he didn't
    get any credit in the DSE kit. And he didn't get any money from the
    sale of that kit, either.
  9. yaputya

    yaputya Guest
    "Paranoid personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia
    and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others.
    Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily feel slighted,
    and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues
    or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases.
  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "yaputya = LIAR "
    ** Or to simply ask for their permission to republish on the net.

    Big problem.

    ** Not legally and that is irrelevant to the SC situation.

    ** Against SC magazine, it would be enforceable.

    You rabid half wit.

    ** Makes it a pretty cool design - eh.

    ** The hobby magzines do not ask for any ROYALTIES nor can any author get
    them from a kit supplier.

    You have fucking NO idea how the business works.

    ** They get a reprint with the kit, standard practice and part of the
    original deal when contributing.

    ** I could veto the re-publication on the net of my projects by SC.

    Then publish them on a website myself, as I hold copyright.

    Royalties and copyright are separate issues - fuckwit.

    ** Irrelevant to the copyright issue.

    You have no idea how it works - fuckwit .

    ** You have ears don't you ?

    It was designed for audio testing - fuckwit.

    ** The unit works perfectly with only 6.2 volts coming from the battery,
    then goes into slight distortion below that.

    If you can hear any distortion, the batt is flat.


    ** Most authors wanted their names removed by kit suppliers to stop raving
    idiots like YOU contacting them with stupid questions and asking for remote
    diagnoses of their OWN mistakes.


    ..... Phil
  11. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "yaputya is a LIAR "
    "Phil Allison"

    ** But you are having one right now.

    You are bullshitting so hard you may drop dead any minute.

    ** But you are not one.

    ** Yep.

    ** Yep, right from day one.

    Entry to the special honours level courses was based on a student' s HSC
    exam results, you had to be in the top 100 in both Math and Physics ( the
    first level courses) to have a chance.

    This was the deal at Sydney Uni in the early 1970s.

    .... Phil
  12. keithr

    keithr Guest

    copied from Wireless World, it should be.
  13. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "keithratbag is a LIAR "

    ** WW never published a similar project.

    You lying nut case.

    ..... Phil
  14. keithr

    keithr Guest

    note at the bottom

    The original circuit was published in Wireless World, February 1982. The
    original thermistor was specified as a Philips type, 68k, 20mW (type
    number 2322 634 32683), however a search indicates that it is no longer
    available. A reader kindly scanned the article, and a PDF of the 1982
    article is available from ESP if desired.
  15. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "keithratbag is a LIAR"

    ** The 1982 WW article was neither a construction project nor was it a
    similar design to the Miniosc.


    Project 86 on Rod Elliot's pages varies significantly from my article in EA
    magazine published in December 1996 - as Rod made a number of additions,
    deletions and substitutions to my original text - mostly without my

    He designed his own PCB for the project too, so he could sell them.

    ** The Miniosc does not use a thermistor at all - as even a cursory
    examination of the schematic reveals.

    The December issue of EA magazine has the actual project.

    $12 from Silicon Chip.

    Say hi to Leo for me .............

    ..... Phil
  16. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Oh Really?????? Prove it!
    Are you claiming you did different subjects and had different lecturers
    than the normal engineering undergraduate?

    There were no honours subjects in the first three years of engineering!
    Honours degrees were awarded largely based on the fourth year thesis.
    Assuming you haven't forgotten (understandable after your
    nervous breakdown that caused you to drop out) you should
    remember EXACTLY which subjects you did.

    Here is a challenge that will prove that you are lying or not:
    Please list the subjects that you passed, start with the first two years.
    I am interested to see how the ficticious 'special honours level courses'
    subject descriptions differs from my UoS examination result notices.
    And you should still have them somewhere, dig 'em out, they were
    printed on green paper back then. Please don't tell us that you threw
    them away, nobody would believe that you threw away the only proof
    of at least one year at uni.

    Background info - note no special subjects in the first three years.
    "Paranoid personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia
    and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others.
    Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily feel slighted,
    and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues
    or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases.

    A faggot like you would have been very upset at Sydney Uni Engineering in the '70s.
    Rule #1 in the SUEUA was: NO POOFTERS
    So was rule#2 etc.......

    The truth about Sydney Uni Honors courses...
    "Honours in the Faculty of Science is a widely recognised and highly regarded additional
    year of undergraduate study available to students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree."
    "The degree that a student is eligible for when starting Honours is a Pass degree.
    The work done in the Honours year can be thought of as an 'upgrade' of this degree.
    If a student fails the Honours year, it simply means that the student is left with the Pass degree
    - no class of Honours is awarded."
    "The University awards honours at graduation to students who achieved a high level
    of academic performance throughout their degree, including a significant research component
    of the research thesis."'s_degree#Australia
    In Australia the degree is awarded with honours to students who have achieved a higher level
    of performance in a fourth year, one beyond a typical bachelor's degree.
    Some bachelor's degrees include an honours program as part of a four-year degree
    (i.e., engineering or psychology).
  17. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Nobody but you would give a **** about having their contributions put in
    the modern public online domain.
    You are only crapping on because I have beaten you into corner - you
    will never make any more money out of your EA stuff so why not just
    put it all out there? At least your name will be associated with something
    other than abusive and psychotic trolling of newsgroups, like it is now.

    In this case the law truly is an ass, and you are a fuckwit for taking
    such a ridiculous position. Earth to Phil, earth to Phil, nobody is
    going to give you any more money for your stuff.

    Dear oh dear, you are so out of touch with the real world it is hilarious!!!!

    And you don't make a cent, it probably already running at a loss for Altronics.
    Look, I said I built one, I could have take a pig-headed attitude and
    never mentioned it, but you would still miss the point. You ain't going to
    make any more money out of it no matter what. FACT!!!
    At the moment hardly anyone knows that you were behind the Miniosc. (caveat)
    That situation will be permanent if SC sits on the EA/ETI archive forever,
    losing money on every reprint.

    Of course I do you FUCKWIT! You really are a bit stupid sometimes.
    You are the idiot for defending this arrangement when you stand to get
    absolutely NOTHING! No money AND no recognition!
    Then you would guarantee that nobody will ever see your project again.
    Oh yeah, your own website will be at the bottom of the search engine list.
    Good way to bury your project forever. If it was part of an EA archive you
    would be guaranteed future readers.
    The real world is the only thing that matters - in the real world your
    project will be gone forever if you have to request it from SC or if it
    is only on the obscure 'Phils Phucked-Up Projects' website.

    See above about the real world - faggot in dreamworld.
    Testing if an audio amp is switched on, you mean?
    You can stick ya finger on the input for that, if you want to do things like
    measure the gain and frequency response of an amp (as opposed to Phil's
    version of 'audio testing') then you still need a CRO - fuckwit.

    You really are a fucking idiot. Here is someone who built your project
    and you can't stop yourself from calling them a fuckwit.
    I bet you weren't even asked by DSE! They just dropped your name as irrelevant.

    Anyway it seems 'your design' was not original.
    For a start EA wrote that the circuit
    "derives from the Low Distortion Oscillator in Feb/Mar 1989 EA, and
    it occurred to us that an even simpler version was possible."

    Now, did you design the Low Distortion Oscillator too?
  18. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Yep.

    EA did not design the LDO project, I sent all details and a prototype to the
    mag in late 1988. Seems the dopes in DSE's kit department imagined I was an
    EA staffer.


    You are not merely a troll, liar and absolute idiot, but a grade A

    Get cancer an die you stinking POS.

    ..... Phil
  19. yaputya

    yaputya Guest

    Does the Feb/Mar 1989 EA LDO article have your name on it?
    Perhaps you should scan it and put it online, as nobody is going to pay SC
    $12-$15 to prove it one way or the other.
    Just Google 'Phil Allison' in groups and you will see what the rest of the world thinks
    of you, the #1 paranoid psycho!

    BTW Why did you drop out of uni if you think you were so smart????
    Nervous breakdown? What did make you abandon higher education a only few months
    of study, never to return to academia again? How many exams did you actually sit for?
    "Paranoid personality disorder is a mental disorder characterized by paranoia
    and a pervasive, long-standing suspiciousness and generalized mistrust of others.
    Individuals with this personality disorder may be hypersensitive, easily feel slighted,
    and habitually relate to the world by vigilant scanning of the environment for clues
    or suggestions that may validate their fears or biases."

    That is an EXACT description of Phil Allison.

    And here Phil shows the contempt he holds for aus.electronics...
  20. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "yaputya = CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATH "
    ** Of course.

    ** Some here would have a copy of the mag.

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