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Ethernet mac

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Stijn Goris, May 25, 2004.

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  1. Stijn Goris

    Stijn Goris Guest

    hi all,

    A beginners question: can someone explain me what an Ethernet MAC does (like
    the one from Realtek) and what is the advatage of an MII interface?

    kind regards
  2. Jeroen

    Jeroen Guest

    The MAC is the hardware that converts the ethernet frames into a format
    usable by the CPU, e.g. it deserializes the data, calculates the FCS, checks
    it, waits for the right MAC address to pass by etc.etc.

    MII is an standard to save pins in switch/router products.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Amnon

    Amnon Guest

    MII and its predecessors standards (RMII, SMII, GMII) are used to convert
    the differential serial analog signal, coming by the Ethernet cable, into a
    parallel digital bus to allow passing the Ethernet data/ control information
    from the PHY chip to/ from the card (MAC chip/ CPU).
    MII - for 10/ 100Mhz: 4 data lines, x 2.5/25Mhz each
    RMII - for 10/ 100Mhz: 2 data lines, x 5/50Mhz each
    SMII - for 10/ 100Mhz: 1 data line, x 10/100Mhz

    GMII - for Giga Ethernet, 125Mhz bus

    Amnon Pomerants
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