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ESD protection, earth / ground

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Marco Trapanese, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    I read a lot of stuff about ESD protection. I know the difference
    between avalanche diodes and fast switching diodes, etc...

    Let's see an example: a connector with 3 lines:

    signal (0-24V)

    My board have a large "earth" plane on one edge (where I put
    connectors). This plane is connected to the ground *outside* the board,
    at the power supply unit.

    The ESD protection will be effective if I can discharge the energy far
    from my circuit, so the diodes will be connected between line and the
    earth plane.

    Am I wrong here?

    I'm going to use unidirectional TVSs with a working voltage of 24V for
    both power line and signal line.

    And for 0V (GND) ? May I use a standard BAV99 with both terminal
    connected to the earth? In this way any spike that rises over the Vf
    will be clamped and discharged to the earth.

    Is it correct? What do you recommend?
    Thanks in advance

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