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Error in Brand power meter

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by [email protected], Jun 16, 2004.

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    A day's data gathering on the freezer to refrigerator conversion project

    About 3 this afternoon my Brand model 4-1850 power meter (5, maybe 6 years
    old) started reading around 45 watts with no current flowing (refrigerator
    off, plug to reefer pulled too). Ambient temperatue had been in the
    mid-90's for an hour or so. Later, this artifact decreased to 14 watts,
    then by 6PM had gone away. Since the average consumption of the reefer is
    around 40 to 45 watts, a spurious 45 watt continuous error is significant.

    Those of you who have Brand meters, please look for this error and post
    back. I think it is high-temperature related, over 90 deg. F. Brand may
    not know about it, living in New England. And we need instruments that can
    be trusted.

    I reset and started over at 7PM. It's cooled into the mid-70's, I've seen
    no spurious reading so far after restarting. Around mid-morning tomorrow
    I'll put the meter in a small cooler-box with a gel ice pack, see if that
    eliminates the problem.

    Tom Willmon
    Mountainair, (mid) New Mexico, USA

    Murphy is out there..watching..waiting..twiddlin' fingers...

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