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ERNI DIN rail mount enclosures

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Gary Peek, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest

    The German company ERNI offers some DIN rail mount enclosures:

    The one pictured on the right on the first page is interesting
    because it allows you to design a PC board with common terminal
    block and just slap it in the enclosure. The last page shows
    another view.

    How many companies make enclosures like this?
    Are there any US manufacturers that offer these?

    Me and a colleague spent a lot of time with a search engine
    just to find these and we are not finding anything quite
    this elegant.
  2. Gary Peek

    Gary Peek Guest

    I communicated with some folks from Phoenix and they suggested
    the Combicon EMG series. These seem to be the same bewildering
    array of pieces that many DIN rail mount enclosures series turn

    If you can suggest something simpler please do, although at this
    point it seems like the ERNI stuff is the simplest.
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