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Ericsson DT140 Handset

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by giuseppe, Jul 20, 2003.

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  1. giuseppe

    giuseppe Guest

    The keyboard of my Ericsson cordless DECT telephone handset has some strange
    behaviour. At arbitrary times when I try to pick up a call, the hook key
    refuses to respond. The '1' and the '3' keys don't work at the same time.
    After some time everything works fine again. I cannot find the cause of this
    behaviour. It can also occur when I pick up the phone from the base station
    to make a phone call.
    Can someone tell me what could cause this problem and second, how to open
    this handset?
    Greetings, Giuseppe
  2. It is very common that the keypad rubber assy goes defective on these
    types of phones, and remote controls as well. The conductive pads
    start to wear out. Sometimes by cleaning the contacts under the pads,
    the problem is fixed, but if the pads are bad, the fault will return
    right away.

    There are some remote keypad repair kits on the market, but these are
    expensive. Also, I have read some tricks that were anything from using
    aluminum foil glued to the pads, to using carbon from a pencile, and
    conductive glue. I found non of these were reliable over the long

    I have no idea if Seimens will sell the keypad rubber as a replacement
    part. Generaly these manufactures will tell you to send them the
    phone for proper service. Many of the factory servicers also have a
    flat rate service. You should enquire.

    Jerry Greenberg
  3. giuseppe

    giuseppe Guest

    I think, this is not the problem, because all three buttons don't function
    and go back to normal at the same time. I was more thinking of a solder
    crack in the common of these three buttons.
    The problem is that (Sony)Ericsson (not Siemens) doesn't give any service
    anymore on these types of DECT phones. So I would like to know how to
    service this one myself.
    Thanks anyway, giuseppe
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