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Ericsson Demonstrates HSPA at 168M Bps

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Don McKenzie, Mar 1, 2011.

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  1. Don McKenzie

    Don McKenzie Guest

    Ericsson Demonstrates HSPA at 168M Bps

    Ericsson has demonstrated HSPA (High-Speed Packet Access) with download speeds up to 168M bps (bits per second) and 24M
    bps on the uplink, the company said on Monday.

    The demo used a prototype consumer device and commercial network equipment, with SingTel in attendance at Ericsson's

    To reach 168M bps, Ericsson used a number of radio tricks, including antenna technology MIMO (Multiple-Input
    Multiple-Output) and sending data over several channels at the same time. MIMO uses multiple antennas in the base
    station and on the device to increase speeds.

    The demo will also be conducted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, according to Ericsson.

    Besides HSPA at 168M bps, Ericsson has also demonstrated HSPA with 42M bps using a single channel and 84M bps using two
    channels. Operators already offer HSPA at 42M bps, but they have to use two channels. By only using one channel aided by
    MIMO, operators can "be much more efficient with their valuable radio spectrum", Ericsson said.

    The first commercial network implementations of single-carrier HSPA at 42M bps and dual-carrier HSPA at 84M bps are
    expected this year. The company didn't provide details on the arrival for HSPA at 168M bps.

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