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Equipment Ground / Neutral bonding w/derived ground system

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by William, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. William

    William Guest

    I'm installing a multi building system ( large shop / home ) The primary
    feed is going to the shop 600 amp @ 480 4 wire. I plan to run a sub feed to
    the house with 175 amp 480 3 wire ( 4-0 AL @ 300') to a 150 Amp breaker /
    disconnect box. Then to a 112.5 kva 3 phase transformer ( 480 delta to
    208/120 Y) At the house I'm going to run a ufer ground and also the
    required 2, 8' ground rods. I assume that I will need to bond the derived
    grounded connector from the transformer to the equipment safety ground in
    the 208 V panel?? or should it be in the service disconnect ( normal place
    to bond, but seems like a strange place, as there is no neutral in that
    box )


  2. You might want to check about running 480 to a residence with your local
    inspector. I am probably wrong, but for some reason my feeble brain says
    that it is a no-no...I am not even sure that you can have a 3 phase service
    to a single family dwelling, regardless of voltage.

    You may have to put the transformer in your shop and feed the lower voltage
    to your home.

    Do you have to meter your home separately so that you don't run into tax
    problems with the IRS?
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