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Epson photo 750 printer repair info??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chris Wilson, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson Guest

    Epson Photo 750 Stylus printer, very low usage, carriage stops in odd
    places, drive belt sometimes jumps drive gear teeth. Paper not always
    fully ejected. It's as if the carriage drive gears are not "timed" up
    correctly via the drive belt (I am a race car engineer, excuse the
    comparison...). Any info out there to remedy this? Printers are now
    pretty cheap, sending it back to Epson may not be cost effective.
  2. L1ange bleu

    L1ange bleu Guest

    Contact Epson's Support and see the FAQ...the response to your question may be
    there!. I had a similar problem with a 700 and by following the troubleshooting
    info. I was able to get it fixed.
  3. DaveC

    DaveC Guest

    One common maintenance tip is to wipe down the tubular rail on which the
    carriage slides.No harsh chemicals, probably a clean rag, several times. Then
    use a *very* light oil (don't even think about WD-40!) or silicon spray.
    Don't spray the rail; spray it on a clean cloth and wipe this on the rail.

    This has fixed many a disobedient head carriage...

    Good luck,
  4. dave

    dave Guest

    I know it sounds ridiculous but try cleaning the metal bar that the
    carriage runs backwards and forwards on, then lightly lubricate with a
    lightweight oil. See if that helps.

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