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Epson Perfection Scanner Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by JD, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. JD

    JD Guest

    Hi Experts :)

    I have an Epson 1640SU that worked very well until
    today. Now, when I press the start button, it
    click-clicks and the carriage does not move.

    I removed the screws and tried to take the top
    off. The front of the top has catches that project
    into the base so it does not allow me to lift up
    the front. I removed the screws from the back and
    it will lift slightly but seems to be caught in
    something. I don't want to force it, so if someone
    has experience of this model I would appreciate
    advice on how to take it apart without wrecking it.

  2. is that model old enough to have a lock/transport mechanism that may have
    been bumped and engaged?
  3. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    I haven't seen one that didn't lock. Not saying there may be some that
    don't. All 4 of my Canon LiDE scanners lock. Don't ask why I have 4 :)
    And all the others back to the first SCSI scanner I owned back in the
    90's locked.
  4. JD

    JD Guest

    Thank you CL and MP.

    The scanner is indeed old. I can't remember when I
    bought it but the manual
    that came with it has: Copyright 2000.

    I knew about the lock. The carriage needs to be
    locked while moving the scanner around and then
    unlocked when the scanner needs to be used.

    I decided to replace the screws and then to go
    carefully through the known steps - connecting and
    turning on in the right sequence. It worked fine
    then, except from one messy situation that really
    irked me with the Copy facility. It had collected
    all my 3 fax progs and a PDF prog for the
    destination of the scan - no such place as a
    folder to place the copy. The normal setting for
    the group (faxes and PDF prog) was alphabetical,
    so when I made my copies it flashed open the fax
    prog and I had to stop and take another route to
    get the job done. Anyone experience this
    limitation? Or is there a setting that I have missed?

    It's quite a complicated piece of work.

    Have a great weekend guys :)
  5. JD

    JD Guest

    Thank you Whit3rd.
    Somehow or other something inside prevented me
    from moving
    that cover. The front was easy but it has two
    catches and I could
    not move the cover forward enough to get out of
    the slots. I could raise
    the rear end slighly on the side where the lock is
    but the other one would
    not budge.

    Fortunately, as you will note from my reply above,
    I managed to get
    the scanner working again.
    I wasn't sure what was doing the clicking when I
    first started the task
    but, when I had all the screws back in place, and
    the electric and USB
    plugs inserted, it started very quickly and there
    were no clicks.
    I didn't get that far but fortunately the inner
    glass is extremely clean.
    I guess it's a good air-tight case.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend W3 :)
  6. Jeff Layman

    Jeff Layman Guest

    For future ref you might find the newsgroup comp.periphs.scanners to also be
    of help. Some of the posts there refer to changing the lamp and cleaning
    under the glass, so some successful dismantling must have taken place.
  7. Be aware that once you open the scanner, presuming you can get past the
    mechanical issues you are having, the pristine clean interior will never
    be that way again. These things are assembled in a clean room so that
    there is no dust inside the unit. (Dust = spots and defects in every
    scan that you make). Working in a home or ordinary repair shop is no
    substitute for the clean room and you will find it impossible to keep
    the internal parts of the unit dust and lint free. Remember that the air
    all around us is full of dust particles and it will get all over the
    internal scanner parts despite all best efforts to "keep it clean".
  8. Be aware that once you open the scanner, presuming you can get past the
    You are perhaps overlooking the fact that the "internal" dust will be at
    some distance from the focal plane.
  9. not dust on the ccd
  10. You are perhaps overlooking the fact that the "internal"
    You should be able to clean that off. I have two DSLRs, and have never had
    dust on the sensors. (My Visible Dust cleaning equipment is sitting there,
    just gathering dust.)
  11. the ccd in most scanners is obscured by a lens assembly of some sort. It's
    harder to reach that than the imager in a slr type camera. You can't just
    pop off the lense and rub it with a swab and be done.
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