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Eprom programmer question

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by sck0006, Oct 1, 2005.

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  1. sck0006

    sck0006 Guest

    I have just been put in charge of finding a good general prom
    programmer for my work. I've used programmers twice, which makes me
    the "expert", so now it's handed off to me. Since I'm not even
    experienced with these, I was wondering if there is a brand that is
    preferred? Budget is around $500-750, and we will mostly be doing
    27c256's, 27c512's, 27c64's, there was one oddball that I can't
    remember, but most that I looked at supported all the chips that we
    would be working with. Does anyone have any input on a generally easy
    to use, good quality programmer? It wouldn't be used very often and
    doesn't necessarily have to have any fancy features like an emulator.
    Thanks for all help, I can get a list of all the chips we'd be working
    with if necessary Monday.

  2. John Miles

    John Miles Guest

    The Willem programmer has worked very well for me, although as with most
    PROM burners I occasionally do get a bad burn (which is easily detected
    in the verification phase of the burn). You sure can't beat it for the

    It requires both a USB port (for power) and an enhanced parallel port.
    I have actually never burned anything but 27256s and 27C256s, but it
    should have no trouble handling the ones you mentioned.

    No relation to the seller (except for having bought my own programmer
    from them).

    -- jm
  3. Look at XELTEK
    I have a SUPERPRO 280 programmer, it work very well and is relatively cheap.
    Good luck
  4. Try to get an old stock Advantech Labtool 48, but be careful not to
    get a chinese rebuild - at least the rebuilt Labtool 48 XP is not
    software compatible. I was lucky enough to get a new original one
    (non-XP version) for less than 300 EUR, I've worked with this unit
    from 1999 to 2001 doing lots of chips (PIC, Atmel, EEPROM, EPROM,
    Flash) for service purposes, so I decided I also need this one after I
    spent a whole weekend trying to repair a notebook BIOS which my
    previous programmer, a self made Willem, not supported. I'm quite
    happy with it, but it took me half a day to figure out that Windows XP
    is permanently trying to locate PnP printers on my parallel port so
    that a longer (4Mbit or so) programming always failed. I just remember
    that I've also backup'ed 82Ssomething PROMs for one of our customers
    with this thing - quite useful.

  5. sck0006

    sck0006 Guest

    On Sat, 01 Oct 2005 18:05:06 +0200, Stefan Huebner

    Thanks for the inputs everyone. At least now I have a few brands to
    go off of. I'll try to find out if they'd rather save money with a
    Willem or get something a little more universal.

    Thanks again
  6. I really like the devices made by BP Microsystems. I own a CP-1128 that
    handles everything from 2716 up to 27512, without a problem. Everything is
    handled on-screen so there are no jumpers or switches to worry about. It
    uses a parallel port connection. This particular unit is about 10 years
    old, though; I bought it on eBay.
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