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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Rahail, May 11, 2004.

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  1. Rahail

    Rahail Guest


    Are there any eeproms that can be easily written to and read from via
    the PDA/PC without a lot of hardware modifications? Please help and
    email me. Thanks.
  2. Aaron Hughes

    Aaron Hughes Guest

    Short answer is no. Of course that does depend on what you think is easy.

    EEproms in general are easy to write to. You place the address and data, and
    make sure CE is low, and then usually toggle WE low to high. Reading is also
    easy, you place the address only, make sure CE is low, then toggle OE low,
    appears on the data bus, then putting OE high puts it back into HighZ state.

    Now in terms of PC's easily writing to EEPROM's, well this is what
    EEPROM programmers do, that are attached and controlled by the PC. However,
    with the exception of the PC BIOS, which sometimes is an EEPROM, there is
    no "easy" way, and that is why EEPROM programmers range in price so much.

    The PDA's on the other hand, typically have limited output ports to do such
    I would suspect that it would be quite difficult to write to an EEPROM on a

    Why do you ask?
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