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Engineers and learning piano playing?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bill, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    There are things "engineering types" are good at and things they are not
    good at...

    With me I'm not good at learning to play a piano / reading music!

    I'm reading about "music notation" and it makes no sense whatsoever to me!

    It is like a computer keyboard without the letters written on the keys!
    Or a calculator without the numbers written on the keys!

    So that was the first thing I did, was write the letters on the keys.

    Then I found music which is a list of letters. Like this...

    Batman... d d c* c* c c c* c*(x 3) d d c* c* c c* d g g f* f* f
    f* f* g g f* f* f f* g d d c* c* c c c* c* d d c* c*
    c c* d a a g* g* g g* a g g f* f* f f* g d d c* c*
    c c* d (fg) (fg)

    The above make a lot more sense to me???????

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    That's funny, I once did something similar, put labels on the keys and
    then found I could learn to play basic tunes really easily by just
    memorizing the sequences. I have no musical talent to speak of, I can't
    listen to a tune and then play it back, but I can play something if
    learn the particular sequence.

    My brother on the other hand got very little of my engineering ability
    and apparently all the musical talent and plays a number of different
    instruments proficiently. There's an interesting program out there
    called Piano Booster. It's free and combined with a MIDI keyboard gives
    you something of a Guitar Hero type game concept only with a piano.
  3. Rich.

    Rich. Guest
    01010100 01101111 00100000 01100101 01100001 01100011 01101000 00100000
    01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01110111 01101110 00101110
  4. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I found a solution to this problem. I even started playing a bit of piano

    There is a thing called "piano tabs" which is simply a string of characters
    you type on the piano like this...


    You just press the piano key "c" for the above. The above is the beginning
    of the "Wedding March".

    Then there will be several lines if there are multiple keys to press at the
    same time like this...


    However I've improved on the above system! The existing system uses groups
    of 7 keys on the piano and the number 3 above indicates this is the 3rd
    group of 7 keys (aka octaves). And that you would press the "c" in that 3rd
    group of 7 keys.

    Here is a picture of the way to label the keys on the piano using the above

    Note that the letters repeat themselves. (c, d, e, f, g, a, b)

    So I just labeled each set of letters on my piano keys so each group looks
    separate. The first set of letters is smaller and higher up on the keys. The
    next set lower. The next set larger letters. The next set higher up, etc.
    (Whatever to distinguish the sets.)

    So you can clearly see where each group of 7 keys starts and ends.

    Then I numbered the sets with numbers above each letter. 1 above each letter
    for the first set, 2 above each letter for the second set, etc. (Instead of
    writing 1a, 1b, 1c, etc.)

    Next I took highlighter pens and colored the piano keys for group 2 yellow
    and all the piano keys for group 4 blue.

    Then on the "piano tabs" music, I can now highlight the rows of letters to
    be played in the 2nd yellow section yellow and the rows of letters to be
    played in the 4th blue section blue.

    The white 3rd section would be in-between yellow and blue highlighter. And
    the white 1st and 5th sections above or below the yellow and blue

    So EZ to see which section in which to press the key now!

    Here is the "piano tabs" music for the Wedding March"....

    Here is the instructions for using the piano tabs notation system

    Following is all about the regular music notation system which is impossible
    to understand. In the very first part of the following, it says "When only
    one part (or voice) is written on the staff...".

    Well it lost me right there! What is a "staff"? And it goes on to use all
    sorts of terms which I don't know the meaning of! (Explain these things

    Then the link below explains the details of what everything with regular
    music sheets means, but I would have to spend quite a bit of time
    "translating" all these symbols to say the least!
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I guess it depends on how serious one is about really learning.

    I learned to type by looking at the keyboard, then eventually I had to
    look less and less until I didn't have to look anymore at all. Instant
    messaging is really what did it, these days even little kids are doing that.
  6. J. B. Wood

    J. B. Wood Guest

    Hello, and unless you are devoid of any musical ability (like some of the
    current crop of pop singers?), it really dosn't matter what your day job
    is. Stop "engineering" your musical training. And if you really want to
    become a good musician don't DIY. Find a good piano teacher and practice,
    practice, practice. The teacher can correct your bad habits before they
    become ingrained. I'm an EE by profession but I don't try and mix that
    and music theory and musicianship. BTW the usenet groups and can at times be useful.

    John Wood (Code 5550) e-mail:
    Naval Research Laboratory
    4555 Overlook Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC 20375-5337
  7. Bill

    Bill Guest

  8. That leaves you out.
    You wouldn't know
    You wouldn't know.
    A perspective you will never have.

    You are a goddamned group abusing retard.
  9. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Check out poster "Fast Larry" on

    He accuses others of similar things...

  10. **** off, Retardeus

    You hate what you do not understand, which basically leaves you hating
    the entire world.
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