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Energy Star Blower

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by BeeJ, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    Does anyone make a 12VDC low current blower?
    100 ma is not low current. Would like 40 ma or less.
    Something the size that might be used in a PC or similar.
  2. Winston

    Winston Guest shows 32 parts matching your description
    from 40 mA all the way down to 10.42 mA (10.8 CFM at zero head.)

  3. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    Winston has brought this to us :
    Your Digikey must be different than mine.

    How about a sample part number?
  4. Winston

    Winston Guest

    I thought you were using the term 'blower' to denote
    a plain fan. Whoopsy.

    The only Blower I see close to your requirement is 42 mA. > Part Search > Fan > Fans - DC (2,844 items) >
    Blower > 12 VDC > .05 W


    Would these work?

    If you can afford 58.3 mA there are a couple more:


  5. BeeJ

    BeeJ Guest

    Winston wrote on 9/15/2010 :
    close, but no cigar (as if you really wanted one).
    What with the new magnets, you'd think someone would produce a really
    efficient blower or tube axial.
  6. Winston

    Winston Guest

    On 9/16/2010 3:28 PM, BeeJ wrote:

    Could you use a tube axial in your application?

    Digikey has some very low power parts.

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