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EMT lectures at MIT Open Course Ware (OCW)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by richard mullens, Jan 17, 2005.

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  1. At the risk of swamping their website, for those who want to brush up their Electromagnetism, I think that the Video lectures at are pretty damn good.

    Aside from these videoed lectures, I found just 3 others:-

    From the same professor:-

    and two mathematics lectures (Linear Algebra):- and

    You'll need RealPlayer to watch the lectures

    Of course there is lots of other stuff - maybe something of interest in Aeronautics & Astronautics and some stuff in mpeg format.
  2. Its damn disappointing after they hyped they were going to "give away"
    "free" course information several years ago that's all they have.

    Politicians take our tax dollars and get jobs as university presidents,
    professors and bureaucrats (the ones that don't become lobbiests) after
    they leave office. And then when some catastrophe happens, they raise
    money for scholarships for their children, which will get "legacy
    preferences", not because of merit, but because of accident of birth.

    Thanks a lot MIT, I feel so damn grateful!

    Would you trade your favorite government program if the government
    stopped taking half your paycheck, and stopped taking half of everyone
    else's (fed bureaucrats and educrats notwithstanding) paychecks, so the
    goods and services you paid for all cost half as much?

    What is the opportunity cost of these parasites?
  3. Let them stay the **** away from my God Damn fucking tax dollars!

    What have YOU contributed
    The premise behind that statement is *an individuals worth is based on
    their social contribution*. That isn't communist, that is a fascist
    speaking! I know we hear all the time Americans are "hard working", but
    "hard working" for whom and why?

    My contribution to the world isn't for you to judge Mr. Thomson. You
    Republican fascists think your stinking self-assessed virtue entitles
    you to judge the value of others, and appropriate, extort, and if they
    don't cooperate and follow your religious, sexual, food or drug
    preferences, destroy their time, talent and treasure.

    But I've got news for you. You Republican fascists are as bad, even
    though less effective than communists when you make your judgments. You
    are not God, nor are you Nature, nor are you the custodian of the
    collective even if fools saint you or confer a diploma on you in some
    kind of corrupt, deluded popularity contest.

    As President Bush likes to believe, freedom is God's (Natures) gift to
    rational beings, and it isn't for his fascist followers to judge my
    value with respect to the world or existence. In fact, numerous time
    Jesus Christ admonished his followers to love the poor, abandoned, lame
    and "worthless".

    But you are no follower of Christ, are you Mr. Thomson? You are the
    ashes of the fascist theocracy the liberals have burned the religious
    camouflage off of during the 60's. At least you don't claim Christ as
    your own, and can condemn undermenschen without fear of being labeled a

    Perhaps my ultimate value is calling you a fascist and Hill a Bolshevik,
    and publicly stating freedom isn't serving a collective organized
    according to clergy-defined religious dogma, or academia-defined
    socialist dogma, but serving your own interests in a civilized context.

    I live for myself and to enjoy relationships with those I exchange value
    with, not to serve and sacrifice for whatever jihad de-jour elites
    contrive to enrich themselves with at my expense. Expecting your
    neighbor to live for you is theft, and believing in your judgments
    regarding their worth, and getting your fascist friends to discriminate
    against them is theft of spirit, and neither is civilized.
  4. Perhaps, but near totally useless for most citizen taxpayers. A gap in
    your knowledge would have to exist for that specific content, because no
    preceding or following lectures are presented. Useful as a refresher,
    useless to aid those that might be given a truly free education.

    But MIT doesn't want that. The fascist elite don't want peasant
    competitors, they want to assign "legacy preference" scholarships.

    If they were a privately funded institution that didn't take federal
    loans or grants or do federal contract work, I would have no complaint.
    But there not, and I find there "charity" a despicable camouflage for
    looting parasites.
    I should use more exclusive language to distinguish the scholars from
    the parasites. Every so often I find high-profile offenders, like Al
    Gore, Donna Shalala, et.
    Opportunity cost.
    Surely you understand government that is a proscriptive, positive good
    taxes you to your tolerance while its bureaucrats pay themselves and
    their cronies the most they can, as in any oppressive monopoly. And
    limits your freedom as it manages you for its own convenience.

    Functional capitalism competes to give the customer the most value while
    consuming the least profit, because customers vote with their dollars,
    unlike taxpayers that are extorted by armed tax collecting government goons.
    You don't know all the good that you are missing out on, because
    government is devouring the time, talent and treasure efficient private
    enterprise would flourish on. That is opportunity cost.
  5. I'm afraid that I have to disagree. I would estimate that there is a complete 1'st year undergrads course in Newtonian
    mechanics and Electromagnetism - and moreover it is being made available to anyone with an internet connection - regardless of

    Yes, it is disappointing that there aren't more videoed lectures in other topics. I'm sure that there are some other good
    lecturers there.

    There is other good stuff on the site (like materials for learning Mandarin for example) - but it costs money and effort to do
    this and there, no doubt, is a shortage of both.

    Whatever, you cannot deny the quality of those physics lectures - and the mathematics lectures, though less spectacular, are
    important too.
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