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Emerson VCR755 Channel Setup

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by kartdriver88, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. kartdriver88

    kartdriver88 Guest

    This machine may not be worth it but I have an Emerson VCR755 I use as
    tuner on a TV with a bad internal tuner. It's a setup basically for m
    son's gaming but occasionally it's used to record events, but channel
    37 through 94 are missing in the sequence. I don't have the remote o
    the user guide- is there a way to reset the channels without a remote
    What remote beside the original works best
  2. sofie

    sofie Guest

    This is NOT a remote control or channel programming issue......
    .... those channels you mentioned are NOT AVAILABLE on this vintage (1989)
  3. kartdriver88

    kartdriver88 Guest

    37, etc. were NEVER included in this VCR's programming BUT I can ge
    Ch. 95 and so on? Maybe I'm being dense but someone will have t
    explain this "explanation" to me.......please......
  4. Guest

    CATV channel 95 is just above the broadcast FM band and is actually
    lower in frequency than CATV channel 14. The Emerson VCR755 was
    marketed when the CATV channels were not entirely recoginized above
    channel 36. During this period of time, the lowest frequency CATV
    channels 95 -100 were available, but nothing widely available between
    36 and 95 yet. Most cable systems have dropped those lowest frequency
    channels because of interference with broadcast FM.
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