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Emerson TV/VCR : Worth the Trouble?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chris F., Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. Chris F.

    Chris F. Guest

    This '91 model TV/VCR combo is driving me up the wall. After replacing the
    bad belts and idler tire, the unit appears to work nicely - then I notice a
    thin line of distortion in the tape playback. It's just above the center of
    the screen and runs all the way across - not snow, just distortion (almost
    like pixellation). I've ruled out head alignment, dirty heads, backtension,
    and tracking problems. At this point I suspect some capacitors are up in
    ESR, which isn't good because I don't have an ESR meter. I'm willing to try
    replacing a few caps at random, but there are too many to just guess on -
    anybody know of any specific caps to try?
    This thing is hardly worth repairing when you consider I'll only make
    about $30 profit from it, if it will even sell. But at the same time I hate
    to junk it because $30 is well, $30. That's how bad business is these days.
    So bad I can't even justify buying an ESR meter, because it would literally
    take months (if not years) to pay for itself.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Ken Weitzel

    Ken Weitzel Guest

    Hi Chris...

    Dunno how much help (if any) this will be, but... :)

    I'm an old guy. Back in the olden days, you know, just after dirt
    was invented, just before they invented sunshine, we didn't know
    what ESR was. Didn't know any of the fancy words that today's young
    pups use. Think they invented them just to confuse us old guys :)

    So, we didn't have esr problems. None at all. Or maybe we did and
    just didn't know it :)

    What we _did_ have was what we called weak caps. Plenty of them.
    And we fixed them in one of two ways, with no esr meter.

    Here's how. In circuit we just paralleled them with a good one.
    Didn't even solder them, just held one in your fingers and held it
    in place while the device was powered up.

    Out of circuit - which may be more acceptable in today's world - we
    used a plain old analog ohmeter. Set it on its R1 scale, zero it
    shorted. Discharge your suspect cap just in case. Then "measure
    the resistance" of your cap. Watch carefully how "shorted" the
    meter goes, how quickly, and how quickly it charges so as to read
    open. After it's finished (open) reverse your probes and do it again
    the wrong way 'round.

    Try this a few times (or was it a few thousand? :) with a few new
    caps and a few known to be not good ones and you'll see a very great

    And that's how we found "weak" caps, or to the younger folks, high
    esr caps. I'm sure you can do the same :)

    Having said all that, though, I'm pretty sure that the prob in your
    vcr is going to turn out to be alignment. Particularly so if the
    line isn't walking.

    Take care.

  3. Skype_man

    Skype_man Guest

    May be the stator. Sky.
  4. Doug

    Doug Guest

    Three thoughts
    1 Check to see if there is a capacitor on the Cylinder motor and
    replace it.. I had other brands with this problem.

    2 I recall having vertical problems on some emerson tv/vcr which both
    units must have shared the same 9 volt supply. The 9v supply feed
    either pin 1 or 2 of the vertical Ic ( not the main supply to the chip)
    and when pushing play on the vcr the set would go into vertical colasp.
    May 9v just slightly week in your case.

    3. . Do a google search on ESR circuits and you should find a set up
    using you signal generatoe and scope...Sorry Indon't have it
  5. b

    b Guest

    Chris F. ha escrito:
    are you absolutely sure there isn't still a bit of grit somewhere on
    the tape path? i have never seen this fault caused by bad caps.....
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