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Emerson TV: MS1980R no raster

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jerry Chanderpaul, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. It was a while back that I was working on this TV but going from memory . I
    notice an IC going in series to the flyback input,135 volts ,its a 2 pin IC
    and it seems to be open , there is no resistance across it , can this be a
    diode or some kind of fuse resistor? This IC is white in color and its a 2
    pin, location on the board is ICP401. I took out this IC and I cant find it
    anymore, I need to know whats written on the IC and where I can buy this IC,
    .. I do know I can buy it at Fox Electronics for $5 ,but the shipping is
    going to be expensive cause I am living in Toronto, Canada. Also is this a
    common failure for this TV or is there some other problem leading to no
    raster. Does anyone have a copy of the schematics?. Any help would be

  2. It's likely an IC protector, very much like a fuse. $5 is a ridiculous
    price for one (unless it includes shipping). Global Semiconductors,
    near where you live, would likely charge under $1. It's a
    garden-variety part, not a specialty part, if I am correct.

  3. Thanks Tom, I totally forgot about Global Semi. , I will give the a call on
    Monday, I also found that the T101 is a common component to go on this TV

  4. no luck at global there another place i can try?
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