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Emergent properties and AMD's Phenom CPUs?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by conundrum, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. conundrum

    conundrum Guest

    Hi all.

    I've been doing some research into AI, and have found some interesting

    Seems that most if not all new CPUs are now so complex and optimised
    that hundreds of "rip up/retry" cycles are needed just to get the CPU
    to work at all. This is another reason why overclocking the new chips
    is rarely effective.

    So you have a CPU that has been designed by a computer, checked over
    (briefly) by designers, sent back n times for "repairs" and then
    finally masked and built.

    Obviously errors can and do creep in, the AMD "Phenom" quad-core
    series are on the verge of a product recall due to an unrepairable
    performance-sapping erratum (15%!) and are probably going to have to
    be scrapped en masse.

    The main issue on fast CPUs is interference between adjacent lines on
    multiple layers, and overclocking just makes things worse. However if
    you don't mind the odd one-in-1B calculation being inaccurate then
    this is not an issue.

    For AI use, randomness can be a good thing (see "New Scientist"
    article on random interference on neural nets generating "ideas")

    I predict that sooner or later, one or more of the new CPUs will
    display emergent properties such as generating a coherent pattern from
    random "noise" fed into the chip. In fact such a test may well reveal
    ways to increase performance so it is probably already being done.

    Perhaps AMD shouldn't scrap these chips just yet, sell them to the
    scientific community for research use :)

  2. Marra

    Marra Guest

    They rarely scrap chips anyway they just disable the faulty core and
    sell them on.

    For the software I write 1 error is disasterous !
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