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Elevation/tilt sensor-

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by CyBorg 0091, Nov 25, 2003.

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  1. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    I am trying to source/bye an elevation or tilt sensor in australia.
    Is there anyone that sells these?

    I am not into making nor have any Idea where to
    Any suggestions on where to find a semi consumer package is great.

  2. The Analog Devices ADXL range work nicely in tilt sensor applications.
    Free samples should be easy to get from the local rep.

    Dave :)
  3. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Check out a company called "Crossbow". They may have
    something - probably not cheap though.

    Depending on your needs what about using a potentiometer with a 'bob weight'
    attached to the shaft.

  4. Spajky

    Spajky Guest

    What about getting a mercury switch?

    -- Regards, SPAJKY
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  5. Guest

    One of the winners of a contest run by Circuit Cellar came up
    with a tilt sensor using an ADXL202E, single axis accelerometer.



    Reply to

    dmmilne at ozemail dot com dot au
  6. First prize for such a simple application circuit, wish I'd done it!

    I used the ADXL202E as a tilt sensor/gravity compensator for an
    underwater geophone, and it works really well. They are pretty cheap
    if I remember rightly, and easy to apply. I don't think there is much
    else on the market to compete with them.
    One channel of a second device was used for the Z-Axis, and was
    mounted on a small board at right angles, fitted into a routed slot in
    the main PCB.

    Dave :)
  7. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    after looking at David's suggestion I found these as it is really a
    inclinometer in correct naming.

    These are not cheap at all,I think $2000 is a little steep although they
    suggest they are quiet accurate at .7 degrees
    There are some consumer type products available in the US for about
    AU$150 all bits supplied even a basic LCD read out panel.(install in the
    grannies house type of stuff)
    I forget the name of the company that makes these though

    I will pass on xbow thanks
  8. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    Thanks I checked these out and are very well priced.
    Still a little technical for me however if anything can work at a good end
    price it is these.

    Thanks again for the advise.
  9. With the ADXL202 chip, all you really need is an RC low pass filter on
    the output. The PWM output will then give you a DC voltage out which
    is proportional to tilt on the various axis.

    Dave :)
  10. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    I love it, it is perfect almost.

    However I do not like my chances of sourcing all the parts locally.
    Motorola microcontroler?

    Thanks for suggestions,I have more of an idea what I am looking at now.
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