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Elementary question - what makes the current flow?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Who Am I?, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Please, in your subsequent sessions with the bottle...

    Drink more.. That way, you are certain to die sooner.
  2. Then perhaps you should consume a course in English grammar and
    composition, idiot.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Actually, Dave does know. Note also that he correctly indicated "charged
    particles"- which are not necessarily electrons as Salmon Egg has noted.
    And, yes, electrons <in a wire> just bumble along, slowly, in a mob, taking
    in the local scenery. This is not new knowledge.
  4. No... SOME electrons bumble. Gazillions of Coulombs of them FLOW
    right past the eye of you "slow mover", blind as a bat dopes.

    Think about it. They MUST move or none of it works. You do still know
    what the word "work" means, right?
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest


    It appears that you have some confusion between velocity and quantity.
    The asinine "Gazillions of Coulombs" indicates the latter.
    Let's see, 6E20 electrons moving at 1cm/sec results in a flow of 1
    coulomb/sec or 1 Ampere.
    At this rate, at 60Hz, a given electron somewhere in the wire will wiggle
    around about 0.02 cm one way or the other- yet energy is transferred from
    source to load at near light speed-appreciably faster than any electron can
    move down a wire. Oops, that involves wave velocity rather than particle

  6. No. It simply means that once a source is created, any conductor that
    source uses as a feed has it electrons immediately available at whatever
    tail end of whatever feed conductor. It doesn't have to make the trip,
    the PRESSURE is already there, and GOES the moment you energize the load.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    So, while you haven't considered wave velocity, you are agreeing that it is
    not the velocity of the individual charge carriers in the wire that is
    This is in contrast to what you were implying earlier but is not in
    contradiction of anything that I have said.

    Thank you.

  8. **** you, ProTurdeus. You are pathetic. You are a fag. You are an
    idiot. You are a failure. You will never get any absolution.

    My fingernail clippings knows more electronics than you do, retard boy.
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