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Elementary question - what makes the current flow?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Who Am I?, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. bud--

    bud-- Guest

    The following posters are the same entity:
    Archimedes' Lever
    Bungalow Bill
    Capt. Cave Man
    Corbomite Carrie

    This entity is commonly know as DimBulb or AlwaysWrong for appropriate
    reasons - ignore it.

    A full list (over 70 sock puppets) is at:

    (Note this URL is on 3 lines and has to be combined.)

    Also ignoring electrician, that leaves some serious posters.
  2. Who Am I?

    Who Am I? Guest

    You would be better advised to seek the attention that you seek from
    a psychiatrist and not from this group. It is not unheard of for young
    children to have an imaginary friend, but to have such a belief in adulthood
    is a very clear indication of mental illness.
  3. Who Am I?

    Who Am I? Guest

    When I initiated what I thought would be an interesting subject of
    intellectual discussion, perhaps I misunderstood the title of this NG?

  4. No. You are an idiot. Your pathetic question is for a BASIC
    electronics group, like sci.electronics.basics

    You know... YOUR speed.

  5. No. Essentially, YOU are an idiot. And every response you give
    supports the claim.

    Empiricize that, dipshit.
  6. You are a true idiot.
  7. You are an idiot.
    Why should we? It does not apply, idiot!
    You're not an idiot, you're a goddamned retard, boy.
    You are a complete and utter dumbfuck. The name is Ohm, not Ohms, you
    stupid fucktard.
    You should be called retarded. Oh wait... that has already happened,
    and after this post, it is proven to be certain!

  8. Man has learned how to gather an excess of electrons such that given a
    load (conduction path, dipshit), said electrons will flow until balance
    is established between the storage medium and ground, or the return of an
    isolated storage medium. Such differences are ALWAYS with respect to
    ground or a pseudo-ground within the device itself. The mechanism is
    electrostatic pressure. When one strips the electrons away from a
    lattice, there is a huge attraction developed in that medium. That
    difference is referred to by those of us with a grasp of this realm, as
    Electromotive Force.

    In man's control of this, we are able to gather continuous streams of
    electrons and HUGE differences between said sources and ground or
    'returns'. In such cases, we are able to utilize the continuous stream
    such that we do not even refer to it as being electrostatic any longer
    because we can make HUGE amounts available, which the electrostatic world
    does not get far. Even something as large as a lighting bolt cannot
    perform much work in our continuous realm, but the instantaneous work
    performed was fairly great... for a lightning bolt. We, however,
    need a LOT more force for a much longer duration.

    So, if you have no grasp of the four forces, which it is fairly obvious
    that you do not, you will not have any inkling of what is taking place.
    Essentially, you display a glaring lack of aptitude for this particular
  9. More proof that you are an absolute fucking loon here.
    Unlike the neurological processes in your skull, which flow at near
    Get yourself up on a tall bridge or building, jump off, and find out.


  11. Bwuahahahahahahaahahahahah!

    "Shells" indeed!

  12. You are the fucking kook, electron boy.

  13. Yet your retarded, pathetic ass calling us kooks is okie dokie?

    You are pathetic. You must be an adolescent, gang boy retard.
    Do you wear your pants down past your asscrack as well, boy?

  14. Rant on, retard boy. I took my electronics decades ago.

    You need to do your own homework, you stupid twit ****.
  15. No, they do not.
  16. "very slowly" is a stupid, misleading statement. Period.

    Do you even know what a coulomb is? How about fifty of them?

  17. Christ, you are worse than Proteus is. Fag references, Terrel? How
  18. Guest

    Don't expect AlwaysWrong to show any math.
    That's DimBulb; just blather. ...usually with poop.
  19. You're an idiot.
    You're the poop as well, so I guess you got one right as you followed
    right along behind me.
  20. Guest

    At least I'm not _always_ wrong, AlwaysWrong.
    IKWYABWAI? I suppose that is the best you can do, DimBulb.
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