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Elektor magnetometer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ian Macmillan, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. In the May 2007 issue (No.365) an article describes a magnetometer using an
    unmodified mains transformer as the sensor.

    I would have thought that the closed magnetic circuit would tend to cancel
    out changes in the induced voltage due to a varying external field. Probably
    not perfectly, but still...

    I'd be interested in the opinion of the experts.

    All the best
    Ian Macmillan
  2. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    Ian Macmillan a écrit :
    Don't have the article, but the general way of doing this is by
    alternatively saturating or not the core.
    In the unsaturated state, the core will divert the external flux line
    from the coil, while in the saturated state these external flux line can
    reach the measuring coil.

    Anyway I can see how to use a mains transformer for this, but certainly
    not unmodified.
    Can you post a scan?
  3. "Fred Bartoli"
    The circuit simply connects the windings of the transformer in series to the
    differential inputs of a LM380 without any bias current in the coil.

    Years ago I made a DC ammeter using the principle you mention in a ferrite
    core to vary the MS ratio of a multivibrator.

    All the best
    Ian Macmillan
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