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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by ian field, Aug 25, 2007.

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  1. ian field

    ian field Guest

    The September issue was supposed to include a free LED driver PCB - mine

    Can anyone describe to me how it was attached? This is not the first time
    Elektor has arrived sans freebie and as usual the newsagent vigorously
    denies any knowledge of it - I'm starting to suspect foul play!

  2. Contact the Mag directly, they should have other copies & should be able to
    mail one out.
  3. Guest

    The litle PCB was glued onto the logo. It was easy to remove without
    damaging the cover as the glue is non-permanent. My board works just
    fine. Full marks to Elektor for this free gift.

  4. Guest

    Further to this, a friend bought the September issue from WHS
    Cambridge. No board was found on any of the magazines on the shelf. He
    advised Elektor of the missing board and was promised one to be sent
    foc by post. Apparently Elektor are inundated with complaints about
    missing/damaged freebie boards, dunno if all requests for free
    replacements are honoured.

  5. wrote in
    Did he advise them of an entire missing shelf full? If not it's like
    reporting a missing horse when what you really saw was an empty stable, not
    the best way to get an appropriate response.
  6. Guest

    I'd like to think of him as a modest man not too interested in stables
    and horses, and he only claimed a board for himself. Meanwhile the
    problem seems to be sufficiently known at Elektor, see some recent
    postings in their forum.
  7. wrote in
    I'm not overstating anything. It was you who raised the issue:
    "Further to this, a friend bought the September issue from WHS
    Cambridge. No board was found on any of the magazines on the shelf."

    My point isn't to raise the value of his claim, it's nothing to do with
    that. The point is that if a large business like W H Smith isn't going to
    take care that the stock is sold intact or do anything to fix that or even
    admit it, then Elector are going to have to carry the blame as well as the
    cost of meeting claims. Who's going to tell them where the problem is, and
    where it should be fixed? You can bet that W H Smith won't unless they saw
    a shipment arrive already damaged. Stuff like that has to come from those
    who see it directly, and most benefit from Elector not being put under
    undue strain, after all if they can't get it fixed where it went wrong,
    they'll pass the costs on to customers in the end, if they need to.

    I didn't read any forums but it's not me you need to convince, is it?
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