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Electrostatic Generator

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Steve Lusardi, May 18, 2009.

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  1. I need a source for an electrostatic generator that can produce a charge
    density of 30 KV over a 1 inch fluid gap that runs on 12-15 VDC.
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    You have a real mish-mash of ideas here.

    First, this group is about equipment that is used to
    design, build, troubleshoot, and repair electronic gear
    (oscilloscopes, wave soldering machines--that sort of thing).
    I think sci.electronics.misc would have been more apt.
    ....then again, maybe I'm overthinking this.

    In addition, electrical charge is not measured in volts
    so you used the wrong term or the wrong unit.

    When I think of "electrostatic", I think of this:
    As those generally come with a line-powered motor,
    you would likely have to retrofit something anyway
    (like a junk car's blower motor)
    which would immediately void any warranty on your new gear.

    If that is what you seek, you might feed that term
    into the search engine at that well-known "auction" site
    and see if there are any that will run off automotive power.

    Ths *fluid* thing is intriguing.
    Mentioning the actual application might have been useful.
    Mentioning the *current* required would also be useful.
    This sounds like an electrophoresis rig.
    It sounds like all you need is
    a high voltage DC power supply of a certain specification.
    Thought about plugging the relevant terms
    into the search engine at a site where equipment is sold?

    If you are trying to duplicate something that exists,
    taking some measurements on that may be helpful.
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