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Electronics PUNS!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Daedalus, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Daedalus

    Daedalus Guest

    I was LED to believe it was a good time for this thread...

  2. Daedalus

    Daedalus Guest

    They're cross with me because diode them money.

  3. Art Deco

    Art Deco Guest

    Just send them into reverse bias.

    Supreme Leader of the Brainwashed Followers of Art Deco

    "Causation of gravity is missing frame field always attempting
    renormalization back to base memory of equalized uniform momentum."
    -- nightbat the saucerhead-in-chief
  4. T. Ling Yu

    T. Ling Yu Guest

    Their collector was shorted.
  5. Bob Officer

    Bob Officer Guest

    My stomach just does flip-flops when I read puns.

    When I saw this Thread I thought I had Diode and gone to heaven. But
    soon Rectified the situation when I saw the level of punniness. This
    Phase soon passed. I was no longer CHOKEd up and I found no more
    impedance to my progress.

    I hope I Have some users in awe and shock with my own ability to
    generate puns. I hope soon to be under go the process of induction
    into the Pun Hall of Fame. (that's just a long wave across the
    parking lot from the Aratzio Hall Flames
  6. Daedalus

    Daedalus Guest

    I got a charge out of your positive post!

  7. Niemadre

    Niemadre Guest


    Usenet lits score:
    #20 Usenet asshole
    #6 Lits Slut
    #11 Most posting trolls/hunters/flonkers 2007

    MassiveProng wrote in:

  8. Well, you must have PROBED the wrong demographic, ya fucking kooktard.
  9. Daedalus

    Daedalus Guest

    The current pun thread. It's been a polarizing one.

  10. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    I got some....

    It took me a few minutes to come up with these groaners..
    My brother dresses up like a girl. I call him my transister.

    IC U8 all the chips.

    LED blinkers make me circuit bored.

    It's shocking at the how often I electrocute myself.

    I like Kraft marconi and cheese.

    Try not to blow a fuse from the current surge of short circuits.

    Mr Schmitt became hyster-ical when his circuits didn't work.
    D from BC
  11. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    I wasn't expecting the "state-machine" Inquisition.

  12. Date: 01 May 2007 15:53:28 GMT
    Lines: 63
    Message-ID: <46376278$0$97214$>
    NNTP-Posting-Date: 01 May 2007 10:53:28 CDT
    X-Trace: DXC=N?nd`7?N;3:[email protected]^1<R;][email protected]_5?UXR;NKQl0E?]nK=3`F;XS;Y9S_[G10Wa:Q>k10okE<L<aCEM3g6C7h2
    Xref: alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk:1035500 alt.usenet.kooks:1526937 alt.fucknozzles:81711

    T. Ling Yu <> pinched out a steaming pile
    Watts all this then???
  13. Bob Officer

    Bob Officer Guest

    ANODEr happy user...
  14. Date: 02 May 2007 15:05:41 GMT
    Lines: 73
    Message-ID: <4638a8c4$0$97276$>
    NNTP-Posting-Date: 02 May 2007 10:05:41 CDT
    X-Trace: DXC=JM>lc[G[<DN7d=7eH37H<B][email protected]_5O1[7M[UU>9YF]nK=3`F;XSKY9S_[G10WaJQ>k10okE<[email protected]
    Xref: alt.alien.vampire.flonk.flonk.flonk:1035691 alt.usenet.kooks:1528405 alt.fucknozzles:81918

    Daedalus <> pinched out a steaming pile
    Why dont they amp their age?
  15. JimW52

    JimW52 Guest

    Joule regret it.

  16. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    Ohm sweet ohm..

    D from BC
  17. redbelly

    redbelly Guest

    .... I miss it mho and mho.

  18. In Britain, an ohmmeter is a termite.

    You're charged with assault and battery. Bailiff, take the defendant to a
    dry cell.

  19. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    "Ohm, Ohm on the range..."

  20. D from BC

    D from BC Guest

    I can run multi meters...

    D from BC
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