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Electronics books?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Alan Bradshaw, Dec 29, 2003.

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  1. Hi all,

    can anyone recommend a really good electronics design book - analog/digital

  2. can anyone recommend a really good electronics design book - analog/digital

    is 'the art of electronics' good enough?

    Wouter van Ooijen

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  3. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    In, "Alan Bradshaw"
    The Art Of Electronics
  4. Got this one any more?
  5. Null Set

    Null Set Guest

    For analog:

    1. "Applied Electronics" by Pierce and Paulus. Out of print, I think, but
    maybe available used online or in your local used bookstore.

    2. "Microelectronic Circuits" by Sedra and Smith.

    3. "Understand Amplifiers" by Owen Bishop.

    4. "Intuitive IC Electronics" by Fredericksen.

    5. For a more advanced treatment, try getting the books from the "Modular
    Series on Solid State Devices", by Robert F. Pierret et al.

    For digital, I like John Wakerly's text, "Digital Design: Principles and
    Practices". For overall design info, check out the ARRL Handbook for Radio
    Amateurs (or the equivalent (?) from the Radio Society of Great Britain).
    For troubleshooting (or, even better, for avoiding problems in the first
    place) try "Troubleshooting Analog Circuits" by Robert Pease.

    I agree with the other responders that Art of Electronics by Horowitz and
    Hill is also an excellent choice. If you could pick only one, it would
    probably be the one to get. It covers both analog and digital circuits as
    well as lots of practical issues (e.g., thermal design, construction,
    drawing schematics, etc.) There is an accompanying lab workbook available
    for it, sold separately.

    Best wishes,

  6. Richie

    Richie Guest

    I highly reccomend getting a copy of "The TTL Cookbook" written by don
    lancaster. It walks u thru all the basics and then gives you lots of
    ideas on how some digital circuits should work, but leaves the actual
    circuit design up to you (if you read the whole book, you will be able
    to design most of the project ideas with no problems!)

    I hear there is also a OpAmp cookbook.. i have not checked this one out
    but if it's by the same author, it's probabally a decent book.




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  7. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    There's one by Tom Frederiksen, "Intuitive IC Op Amps", National's
    Semiconductor Technology Series, 1984. A *really* good book.

    It uses math, though, so it may give the Zenier/Watson-hacker-types a
    wee bit of heartburn ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  8. Ken Moffett

    Ken Moffett Guest

    Also a "CMOS Cookbook". All three are great basic information with lots
    of example circuits.
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