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Electronically attacking cars ? ;)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Disabling cars via remote signals... is it possible ?

    Interesting question.

    Possible attack vectors:

    Car-key signals,
    Others? Maybe servicing signals ?

    Would be funny and environmentally-usefull to see a whole street come to a
    screetching halt ;)

  2. Guest

    You are a danger to society.

    Cars are inherently self shielding, the amount of microwave energy
    needed to knock down a moving car's computers is a hazard to the
    occupants. I've seen a lot of test videos of this concept, and none
    are practical. Most need to get the transmitter under the car some
    how, often on a towed cart.

    Spike strips work.

    Steve Roberts
  3. You are a danger to society.

    Philosophical question:

    Aren't we all ?

    Skybuck ;)
  4. HardySpicer

    HardySpicer Guest

    With microwave radar you can stop some cars.

  5. MooseFET

    MooseFET Guest

    Yes you can do it. One cop calls another cop on the radio and the
    second cop uses his car to ram you.

    A radio link to an aircraft with a smart bomb can disable several.
  6. att

    att Guest

    About 15 years ago I was buying a car and the dealer was trying to interest
    me in an anti-theft device called "Intercept". Once you parked and armed
    the system, if your car was stolen it would report itself stolen to
    Intercept HQ, they would query the onboard Loran navigation system (Later
    updated to GPS) and notify the police as to it's whereabouts. When the
    police had your car in sight, and it was not in a dangerous location, they
    would tell Intercept it was clear. Intercept operator would then shut down
    the engine, roll up the windows and lock the doors. As your car coasted to
    the shoulder the police could move in and make the arrest. It was the price
    that turned me off $1700 and $45 a month.

    Yes you can do it. One cop calls another cop on the radio and the
    second cop uses his car to ram you.

    A radio link to an aircraft with a smart bomb can disable several.
  7. Martin Brown

    Martin Brown Guest

    The phased array at Fylingdales BMEWS III site was notorious for taking
    down an earlier generation of electronics in some marques of luxury car
    passing on the A171 (ISTR most notably Jaguars). The mechanism appeared
    to be that the vehicle theft immobiliser was triggered and requires the
    car towed out of the dead zone or a system reset.
    I don't give that much credence to his fears about phased arrays -
    except possibly in the very near field where the public cannot stand.

    Certain UK car parks with high levels of bluetooth peripheral signals
    can prevent some radio key fobs from opening cars. The AA recommended
    fix is to hold the transmitter close to the receive antenna (often in or
    near the rear view mirror). One notable incident in the UK where a whole
    street of parked cars with modern electronic security was paralysed is
    described at:

    Also discussed on one or two security blogs.
    Only if you can get them in the way of the bad guy and out of the way of
    the persuing vehicle(s) quickly enough.

    Martin Brown
  8. How much of this terrorism are you planning on committing? Have you got a
    job with the politicians yet?

  9. Two garbage cans and a length of baling wire.

    If you can't figure out how this works, then you're not smart enough to
    be a terrorist.

  10. Only the ones who would override Free Will.

    So don't.

  11. tlb

    tlb Guest

    That's one (small) reason why I keep my 1969 Chevy pickup truck: no
    electronic ignition or computers to get disabled.

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