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Electronic Sight Glass

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by thom thacker, Jan 5, 2005.

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  1. thom thacker

    thom thacker Guest

    Does anyone know how to build a simple device for detecting gas bubbles in a
    tube of flowing liquid.
  2. A capacitive sensor can sometimes distinguish between liquid and gas
    through a plastic or glass tube. The ones with an adjustable
    sensitivity are best.

    Do a Google search for [capacitive proximity sensors].

  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    all i can think of is a capacitive detector.
    that of course may not work if the fluid is
    erratic, i guess you could also detect for
    sudden changes. if its a glass tube that should do it.
    then there is the optical method, but that involves
    a complex twisted alignment .
    induction is also another possible...
    bubbles can cause electrical property changes that
    can be used different ways.
    also theirs the system we use where we have a
    Sonic Transducer on a glass rod we in a boiler system
    to detect levels and bubbles. we have it set so the
    receiver will pick up its own signal if there is bubbles
    or lack of water.. this works because the water acts as a
    cushion to not allow the sonic to reach the other end.
    the more dense the water is the less the tube vibrates.
    of course this takes place on the high end of the sonic
    there are many possible ways, i think they already make
    devices that you can attached that are of a capcaitive
  4. Andreas Rutz

    Andreas Rutz Guest

    depending on bubble size, an optical method could work. add a light source
    and an off-axis detector to pick up the light scattered by the bubbles.
  5. tom thacker

    tom thacker Guest

    Thanks for the input, actually the tube carrying the liquid will probably be
    copper and possibly stainless steel. under pressures of 125 to 275 psi.
    There is a device on the market that has two sensors that attach to the tube
    about 3 inches apart and the bubbles are detected and indicated as an
    audible noise.
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