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"Electronic" Rodent traps - Volts and Joules?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Palindrome, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    Ancient ArcHimedes' Troll

    I've got this feeling that you want to go to the atomic age If this is
    so let me know

    I am Proteus
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  3. Archtrickedes' For God's Sake ~ You're a Freakin Fairytale Troll how
    did you expect to be treated? Rwahahahahaha ....

    Fucked by your own devices .....


  4. Archimedes', for a Troll thou art very touchy and intolerant about The
    Roi., I will slay thee anyway and end thine misery...Come to yon square
    tomorrow at noon., it'll be swift and painless.Ye Bastard !

    The Mighty WontVolt
  5. Did it come with a model rocket kit?
  6. From: (Hope for the Heartless)
    One company made a 'humane' trap, which consisted of a tube with a
    motor-cocked spring-loaded piston. The motor would push the piston near
    the open end of the tube, where it would latch, waiting for a mouse.
    When one entered the tube (where the bait was), it broke an IR beam
    which released the catch on the piston. The piston, driven by the spring
    would retract down the length of the tube rapidly, drawing a vacuum and
    pulling the mouse in. A ways down the tube, the bottom opened into a
    container into which the mouse, still alive, was deposited (no doubt
    thinking "WTF just happened?!!"). The motor would then drive the piston
    back to its cocked position.
    You were given the choice whether to kill the mice or release them (far,
    far away, of course).

    Did it come with a model rocket kit?

    That is a thought..or Catapult the insidious little varments to the next
    kingdom };-{)

    The Mighty WontVolt
  7. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    ArchTroll appear

    I will video tape the action of your attack and record the battle at the
    square for all to see

    I am Proteus
  8. Archimedes' Troll, To stay within the charter of The Group I will
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    The Mighty WontVolt
  9. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    Dartmoor (where I live) has quite a large natural bird of prey community
    - not to mention the odd school of falconry. I'm sure that they would
    much approve of this method of disposing of unwanted rodents. :)
  10. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Alright, fuckit, I'm leaving, never to answer or post anything
    again.When even lalinda Sue ignores me, I guess it's really it's time to

    Thanks for the ride - It's been real..

    Tallyho, adeux, chiao, goodbye.
    hasta la vista babies...

    Roy Q.T.
    [have tools, will travel]
  11. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Not very 'humane' though. As a kid we put a small frog in the nose of such
    a rocket. The results was a puree of blood and guts in the nose cone. We
    know the parachute opened properly and lowered the rocket slowly to earth as
    the rest of the rocket was quite intact (an unopened parachute would always
    result in a grounded rocket until we could repair the damage). We came to
    the conclusion that those little rockets have a *considerable* acceleration
    at lift-off :)


  12. Yeah, Roy. You take the cake.

    Don't go away mad, just go away...

    Don't have a nice life...
  13. Bullshit. Even a 20G launch wouldn't "puree" your critter.

    It was landing impact. Use a little common sense.
  14. They do. But it could have been the small charge that blows the nose
    cone that squished your frog.
  15. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    user Roykey

    Too bad you had to leave
    you won't be missing much

    If you read this someone left a foot in user Archimedes' ass Apparently
    he still has something to gripe about it must be that electricians shoe
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    Is it yours

    I am Proteus
  16. I believeth yon troll will be wearing that footwear up his ISPooper for
    a very long time.

    Re: connecting batteries in parallel or series, myth and theory
    Subject: Re: connecting batteries in parallel or series, myth and theory
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    Organization: <=F-ing Trolls
    Date: Dec 31 1969 16:00:00
    On Tue, 19 Aug 2008 02:39:09 -0400, (Roy) wrote:
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    The Mighty WontVolt
  17. Nice try, Roy, but tooting your own horn is simply tooting your own
    horn, toot boy.
  18. Proteus VII

    Proteus VII Guest

    user Archimedes'

    Quit trolling around and reschedule for your annual anal probing you
    missed your last appointment if you do not comply your mental faculties
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    I am Proteus
  19. daestrom

    daestrom Guest

    Well that may be. I looked up the Estes rocket engines and the peak thrust
    for a B6 series engine is about 12 N. Given a rocket of about 40 g and a
    frog of about the same weight, that means a peak acceleration of 150 m/s or
    about 15 g's.

    Don't know if that would break most of the bones in a frog crammed into a
    payload capsule or not. (we didn't create any sort of 'acceleration couch'
    for the little guy) But as I said before (and obviously Archimedes can't
    read), I know the landing was relatively mild since all the balsa wood fins
    were still intact. We had to repair enough of those that we were always
    relieved to see the parachute open :)

    So your idea about the parachute ejection charge might be right. I couldn't
    find any data regarding the magnitude of this charge but I remember it does
    'pop' the nose cone pretty good. That's why the shock cord I reckon.

  20. I saw that. It, however, is not due to launch acceleration forces.

    It really is just that simple.
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