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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Warren, Feb 28, 2011.

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  1. Warren

    Warren Guest

    I've recently decided that I'd like to subscribe to an e
    magazine (hard copy) again. Many moons ago I used to be a
    Popular Electronics (and later Radio Electronics) subscriber.

    What I'm looking for is _analog_ electronics articles,
    with/without linear chips. With/without op amps etc.

    I _don't_ want a digital emphasis, since I am already quite
    steeped in AVR projects. I don't (at this time) want to
    explore other digital platforms. I do enough digital stuff

    I'm looking at this from an electronic hobbyist pov. Although
    I'm a licensed ham, I don't have time enough to be active, so
    I'm not really looking for RF circuits. Maybe someday again
    when I retire.

    It's more for my "interest" and "idea generation" than actual
    building projects that I'm looking for (a coffee table book
    for the electronics hobbyist). I already have a backlog of
    things to design/build. My current focus is on the design
    aspect of things.


  2. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Did you ever consider reading application notes from semiconductor
    manufacterers? Especially the older ones contain a lot of detailed
  3. Yep, I found these much more informative that the magazines these days
    (online or hardcopy).

  4. I have an big old beast of a laser printer that takes virtually free
    consumables (ebays finest). For my last vacation away I printed out
    several of the "novel length" ANs referenced above, so I could get my
    electronics fix. Sad geek that I am :)...
  5. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Dave M expounded in

    I have and I do read those, though I must confess that I don't
    go looking for them. But I think the suggestion is a good one.
    I'll definitely check the ideas out posted in this thread. I
    am carrying a pager this week, so my life is currently "on
    hold". I look into this after the pager is gone. :)

    Thanks everyone.

  6. John Devereux expounded in
    I got a nice comb binding machine at a hamfest one year for
    $15. These are great for binding laser printed stuff into a
    nice book that opens flat.

    I made sure years ago to get a double-sided printer, which
    makes a world of difference in book thinness. That is a fairly
    common feature now, but one I wouldn't do without.

  7. I bought a giant stapler, takes something like 20 or 25mm staples. The
    resulting "book" doesn't open flat but its very quick and the result is
    fine for me. I have a manual comb binder but you can only punch a few
    sheets at a time.
  8. Warren

    Warren Guest

    John Devereux expounded in

    For stuff I don't feel like taking the time to bind, I just
    use those black paper clamps (I don't recall the correct
    nomenclature). But I have used the big stapler at the office
    for big wordy stuff I have to scan through for the important
    info that I otherwise plan to recycle.

  9. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Greegor expounded in
    In the past, I had seen this happen with photocopies, when I
    kept them in the basement where there was some dampness.

    I have not seen any of this in my double sided prints from my
    own laser printer. Our current basement is not as damp as the

  10. Warren

    Warren Guest

    Jim Thompson expounded in
    I'm pretty certain mine is IBICO as well. Once you have one of
    those, you never look back. Mine will bind big- you just have
    to punch in smallish sections of 10-20 pages though.

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