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Electronic ignition

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Vootele Aer, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Vootele Aer

    Vootele Aer Guest

    I want to build an electronic ignition for two-stroke engine, that revs
    high (up to 12.000 rpm). So far I have traditional capacitor discharge
    circuit with mechanical points. The problem is, that those points tend
    to break up.
    So - what I have for electronic ignition is 6volt motorcycle battery,
    magnetic rotor and inductive sensor and a 6volt ignition coil.
    Red line resembles signal on sensor, when rotor moves.
    I thought using this IGBT:

    However, I don't know much about electronic.
    So, can anyone help me designin all the electronic stuff?

  2. Vootele Aer

    Vootele Aer Guest

    BTW, I have Parallax Basic Stamp 2 microcontroller, is it possible to
    use it to do ignition timing and those kind of things?
  3. kell

    kell Guest

    I built an electronic ignition using the very same fairchild IGBT you
    mentioned. I used a traditional dwell scheme, not CDI. I have an old
    bike that ran on points, so I took out the points and put in hall
    sensors, magnets and a vane. In this setup the hall unit sinks current
    during a part of the crank cycle, just like the points did, but the
    difference between the hall effect device and points is that the hall
    device can only sink a very small current. I used that current to
    control the HGTP14N40F3VL turning the coil current on and off, making a
    spark when the coil current turns off (the usual).

    You say you "have" a magnetic rotor and inductive sensor. Does "have"
    mean that you have intalled them on the bike, that they are in your
    possession but you haven't done anything with them yet, or that this
    inductive sensor is just an idea you have? I can say this, an
    inductive pickup like that has a signal completely different than the
    signal points give. It means that if you went with that pickup, you
    would have to change the rest of your ignition system. Easier to use a
    hall effect sensor, which sends the same kind of "square" signal points
    do; you would not have to change anything else on the bike: replace the
    points with hall effect, leave the rest of the ignition system
    untouched and be done with it... probably. There is a chance that you
    would have to amplify the signal from the hall effect (not all that
    difficult), but it is very likely indeed that even that would be

    Well, think about what I've said and get back. I'll try to help you
    make the new ignition for your motorcycle.
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