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electronic dog whistle

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Shane Kirkman, Sep 3, 2004.

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  1. Hi ,
    Dose anyone know of a circuit for a annoying electronic dog whistle I
    could make.
    I am surrounded by 12 dogs with in 4 houses of my place.
    These dogs bark constantly day and night, and I thought it was about time
    for me to annoy them, preferably by some electronic device I could make,( as
    I am learning electronics I thought it would be a worthwhile project.)

    Did a bit of googling but haven't found much yet.

    Thanks Shane.
  2. Spork

    Spork Guest

    I would like to know also! step by step instructions would be appreciated.

    I also would like something made for humans that like to keep me awake all
    night playing music. Would a high pitch noise at the top of human hearing be
    easy to detect what location its coming from?

    you can also find silent dog whistles online which I've heard people have
    used to quiet the neighbors dogs.
  3. -------------
    An astable LM555 and any tiny tweeter, they use that for those dumb
    "pest scarers" or whatever, grab one of those and tune it with a
    counter-divider on it so you can hear it too. 30kHz is close! ;->

  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Whatever you do, don't punish the dogs for having stupid masters. Tape
    record the dogs, then when the owners are supposed to be sleeping and
    the dogs are quiet, play the tape through a 1000W PA.

    Or just mow the lawn at 3 AM or so.

    Or maybe go talk to them?

  5. Here's the one I made a year or so ago.

    But, as per my subsequent posts, I was disappointed in its
    performance. I should have used inductor to step up output to
    resonance voltage. Still intend to incorporate that change some day.

    Meanwhile I bought a commercial 'Dazer' unit.

    I've still not used it in self defense, but as you see from
    its peak voltage is about 85 V, so should be more effective than mine.
  6. UncleWobbly

    UncleWobbly Guest

    do you find this makes the dogs quiet or even more rowdy?
  7. Kim

    Kim Guest

    Call the police...period!.
    If you playback dogs barking yourself, and one of the neighbours calls the
    police on you, then you will be the one with the hefty ticket instead.
    If you annoy the dogs electronically, they will simply bark MORE.

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