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Electronic charts & GPS

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Windjammer, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. Windjammer

    Windjammer Guest

    I have been messing about with a laptop and an Ipaq 3670 with Fugawi along
    with an old Magellan 3000 GPS. It works, but it is really clunky and then
    there are all the cables that lie around.

    I think that I want to buy some sort of integrating charting/GPS
    combination. I have resisted this because of the high cost of the Garmin &
    other charts.

    Is there a solution that I could mount at the steering pedestal on a
    sailboat that can use both purchased and free(enc) charts? This could be a
    chart plotter, a PDA or even an addition to my existing older PDA.
  2. Jim Besse

    Jim Besse Guest

    You might want to look at the Garmin iQue 3600 running Fugawi ENC.
    The downside is the iQue isn't weather proof.
  3. Windjammer

    Windjammer Guest

    "Jim Besse" wrote
    I have thought about the iQue - Going the PDA route, I suppose I could add a
    slot mounted GPS to my iPaq and do the same thing for a bit less money - it
    already has a good size memory expansion. I wonder though about the size of
    the screen and it's visibility in sunlight - The weather proofing may not be
    too big a big deal - It could be used under the dodger in wet conditions.

    Are there any larger screen units that can use Fugawi and ENC charts?

    Alternatively, are there any cost effective units with proprietary charts
    and reasonable screen size? We would use this mainly in Lake Ontario and
    St. Lawrence River. If we went on a long trip, we would likely have paper
    charts plus a laptop.
  4. If you like the PDA form factor, you might look at the Garmin Ique.. it's
    a PDA running PalmOS with a built-in GPS. It of course displays Garmin
    charts naitively, and with software from Fugawi it can display the free
    ENC charts.

  5. I should really read all the replies to a thread before throwing im my two
    bits. :)


    Microsoft Haiku #163

    A crash reduces
    Your expensive computer
    To a simple stone.
  6. Windjammer

    Windjammer Guest

    Thanks Lisa - I will look into those two.

  7. RussPK

    RussPK Guest

    I am running an IPAQ 3635 with a Navman 3420 GPS sleeve and Fugawi with BSB
    charts as well as ENC charts.Works very well more sunlight better viewing..
    Is not water proof but woks in a plastic sleeve.I also have an IPAQ 3955
    with a Navman 3450 GPS sleeve running Mem-Map Navigator with BSB
    charts.Works great as it also has provisions for an external antenna.Fugawi
    also runs great on this combo.The 3955 is better as it has more internal
    memory and is 400 mhz.But for boating they are equal.
    Regards Russ
  8. Windjammer

    Windjammer Guest

    Thanks Russ - I will have a look at the Navman sleeve - Have to consider
    costs vs stan-alone units - I would need upgrade of Fugawi to ENC version
    plus the GPS sleeve.

    This would be more or less what I have now, except I get rid of the separate
    GPS and the connecting wires. In fact, I hav enever set mine up to work in
    cockpit because of all the wiring and supports needed for iPaq plus separate

    I would like to have a larger screen though - Hard to see very much when
    iPaq is zoomed out, but it's OK when detail is needed.

  9. Jack Erbes

    Jack Erbes Guest

    I recently starting playing around with using GPS on a iPAQ 3630.

    I bought this cable from
    Gomadic to use for it. For now I am using a terminal strip to make
    connections for experimenting. It is working well using the NMEA output
    from my Magellan 330M and the iPAQ runs off of a 5 Volt power source
    input through the Gomadic cable at the terminal strip.

    That gave me the iPAQ, with GPS input and powered up, on the end of a
    single 12 foot or so umbilical that is only about 1/4" in diameter. All
    the rest of the pieces are grouped a convenient distance away and that
    could represent a clean, dry spot, behind behind the dash or somewhere
    like that on a boat.

    I am just looking at land navigation now and am using the Navteq
    software package that comes with the Dell Axim X30 for now.

    With marine navigation software I could see using this at a typical
    out-of-the-weather helm station. For an open cockpit, I would
    want the iPAQ in a weatherproof box with a clear lid. That could be
    taken out of the weather if you have to open it. But the weatherproof
    box, it might work for hanging or laying around at an exposed helm

    Typical marine navigation programs don't need a lot of human interaction
    if routes are preplanned and the computer display used to monitor things
    and as a secondary input to help you feel good about where you think you

    As an aside, I wanted something to use to upload and download boat
    pickup and delivery routes to and from my 330M as a navigation backup
    during deliveries. I use the same routes regularly. To build the
    routes and get them on the GPS I just starting playing around with the
    SeaClear (freeware) program on my laptop
    and am pretty impressed with it.

    It looks like SeaClear will satisfy nearly all my needs. It has some
    things that make it better suited for people that understand computers
    pretty well (like using the g7towin software package for GPS up AND down
    loads. I really like the way SeaClear handles a BSB chart library and
    ease of using it for building routes. All the zooming and panning and
    chart selecting can be done with a mouse and very quickly and intuitively.
    That's where I find myself with the chartbook in one hand and looking
    back and forth between the screen (of any type or size) and the chart.
    I could probably used SeaClear pretty well without a chartbook because
    you can zoom in and out and change charts pretty quickly.

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